urban gardening – box gardening

urban gardening

grow tomatoes & salads yourself with the “robert” transport basket

Homegrown vegetables just taste better, but not everyone has the opportunity to make their own garden.

Urban gardening is already on everyone’s lips in the big cities, because it represents a great way to harvest homegrown vegetables or salads without your own garden.

box planters are durable, mobile, variable and cost-effective.
Allowing a vegetable patch to be created on almost every balcony or backyard with little effort. Compared with flowerpots, the roots have more soil to thrive.
Sow seeds in spring, and fast-growing types of lettuce in summer, or plant larger vegetables in order to be able to harvest them sooner.

this is all you need for box gardening
2-3 transport baskets (“robert“), possibly transport roller (“rolf“)
daily newspaper or cardboard (e.g. from a cardboard box)
expanded clay (about 20 litres per box)
universal potting soil (30 litres per box)
sand (about 10 litres)
horn meal or fertilizer (about 5 litres)
2-3 plants: tomato, pepper or mini cucumber plants/seeds

urban gardening

Depending on how many boxes you want to plant, you should get at least 2 stackable transport baskets for gardening, such as the “robert” transport basket from keeeper. We recommend transport baskets with a capacity of about 60 litres. The “rolf” transport roller allows you to easily move the planted boxes later, without having to carry all 50 to 70 kilograms of them yourself.

box-gardening is so easy
It is important to use plastic baskets with openwork side walls to create a good soil climate. In addition, drip holes in the soil are very important to prevent waterlogging and to allow a good root conditions. It is therefore a must to drill approx. 8 to 10 holes in the transport baskets.

urban gardening

urban gardening in raised planters
Stacking two boxes on the transport roller, one above the other, offers a nice, comfortable raised planter system. This is easier on the back when working, watering and harvesting. The transport roller makes it easy to move the planters, for example, to put tomato plants under a roof to shelter them from the rain.
With the exception of the bush tomatoes, all tomatoes will require a support frame after a short time. Spiral rods made of stainless steel or aluminium offer a practical and easy to clean option.


with regular care and lots of sun, your plants will grow quickly and can soon be harvested.

keep on gardening!

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