7 good reasons for using ECO plastics

Sustainable living is an important topic in many areas at the moment. The flood of information is overwhelming for some. For example, when it comes to mindful consumption: Even small changes in our day-to-day life can already have a great impact and decrease our environmental load drastically. Regarding plastic products this means: all plastic is not created equal. High-Quality plastic is durable for long time use and not a quickly disposable single-use item. In many areas, plastic is a sensible and sustainable solution. We take it one step further using products made from ECO plastics. For more than one reason:

1 | ECO plastic is low-maintenance

You can use ECO plastics over and over again, it is sturdy and durable. ECO plastics is germ resistant and the perfect fit for many areas of living – it is also low-maintenance.

2 | ECO plastic saves resources

Precious resources such as mineral oil are preserved because the raw materials for recyclate are processed from recyclable synthetic waste and thus are re-used. On top, ECO plastic contributes to protecting the environment. In waste processing of the green dot, plastic is reused so that the overall waste volume decreases.

3 | ECO plastic is recyclable

ECO plastic is a 100 per cent recycling plastic. This so-called procyclen is derived from recycled packaging material and is free from contamination of other plastics. This material is not only produced sustainably, but also disposed of and recycled sustainably at some point. And that is after ten years at the soonest.

4 | ECO plastic is safe

In contrast to breakable glass, the especially robust ECO plastic is completely risk-free. Therefore, ECO plastic is very safe and perfectly suitable for everyday use.

5 | ECO plastic is lightweight

ECO plastic is a very lightweight material. It allows us to offer voluminous or bulky products at a low weight. Laundry baskets and storage boxes from ECO plastic, for example, are easy to carry and help transporting and storing laundry, toys and so much more.

6 | ECO plastic is affordable

ECO plastic is less expensive than wood, metal or glass. Therefore, as keeeper we can offer high-quality products at an affordable price tag. For example, keeeper footstools and storage solutions do not only unite elegance and efficiency, they also come along without wood, metal or glass – all while being affordable.

7 | ECO plastic is durable

ECO plastic is well-known for its proven sturdiness and durability. The material cannot only be reused countless times, it even resists corrosion, most chemicals and it does not stain. Ergo: wear and tear happens very slowly.

Step by step – Together towards a more sustainable use of our resources

Obviously, not everything has to be made from ECO plastic: If plastic – like here at keeeper – is made to last a long time, a plastic lunch box, freezer box or a laundry basket can be purchased without second thought. But: As soon as certain things, such as a baby bathtub, are no longer needed: just pass them on.

As an addition to our quality plastic, products from our ECO line are another step towards a more sustainable use of our resources.

To the keeeper ECO line products

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