For us, our trade mark slogan “keeeper keeps your world“ is not a mere catch phrase, we sincerely consider the preservation of our environment to be of the highest priority. Thanks to our durable products, we support sustainable living in all areas – from employees to end customers and from suppliers to retailers. In fact, we already reuse 100% of our plastic waste to make new products.”

let’s save our world.

It is our mission to improve the lives of everyone who enjoys storing & preserving, sorting & organising. All “e-lements” stand for one of the four brand promises:

ecological, efficient, essential – enjoy living!

“to keep” means not only to preserve things, but also to approach our environment with a responsible and value-oriented attitude. This ecological and efficient attitude runs through: from the employee to the end customer, from the supplier to the retailer. Our claim “keeps your world” combines exactly what we want to achieve with the longevity of our products: preserving things that are important to you and many of our earth’s natural resources.


When it comes to the environment, we strive to ensure that people and animals will continue to find a healthy and liveable environment in the future. With our products we want to support a sustainable way of life by developing products for collecting and storing and by promoting a conscious use of our resources.


We have an economical but high quality production, we trade justly with our partners, we compete fairly and we are transparent and efficient in both our financial and supply chain.


We act in such a way that all people not only participate in social development, but can also help to shape it. We create good living and working conditions, ensure co-determination at the workplace, occupational safety, health protection and social commitment.

enjoy living

We are a young, modern and dynamic brand. The sustainable preservation of things that are part of our lives is not just an isolated event, rather it is a lifestyle. The diversity of this lifestyle is shown not only by the products themselves, but also by their owners – true keeeper!

1. can plastic be bought with a good conscience?

The invention of plastic changed our world substantially. There would be no computers, mobile phones, no modern medicine and no protective clothing without it. Plastic is part of modern life, makes it easier and more hygienic. The copious possibilities provided by the plasticity and stability of plastic are immeasurable. Which is also why alternative materials are not necessarily a better choice either. The sustainability of natural resources, cost and efficiency of their processing, the water and energy consumption and recyclability have an ever larger role to play in the selection of materials.

2. sustainable living with keeeper products

A sustainable lifestyle is no luxury, but a question of attitude. Everyone can do their bit to make our planet a little better. We have always been contributing to this, developing a great number of articles that help to make a sustainable lifestyle even more enjoyable. And we are now taking one further leap by consistently orienting our brand towards a resource-saving approach to our environment: By 2025, we want to make most of our products from environment-friendly materials that not only protect their contents, but also our planet.

3. the art of keeeper plastic

keeeper only uses thermoplastic materials that are recyclable. Thermoplastics processing consumes a lot less energy than the production of glass or ceramics, for example. 98 % of the granulate processed at keeeper consists of pure polypropylene (PP) and is therefore easily recyclable. The waste disposal industry’s latest scanner technologies are able to extract and reuse this material from plastic waste virtually unmixed. In addition keeeper products are regularly tested by officially recognized test institutes to ensure the highest quality and product safety.

4. how keeeper contributes to climate protection

The protection of our planet and the conscious use of our resources are top priorities for us. Various certificates, such as the Climate Protection Certificate, demonstrate what we have already achieved for the environment and climate protection. By using procyclen® in our production, we have been able to save almost 1000 tons of greenhouse gases in the past two years! This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 500 cars with combustion engines! We are also proud that our eco line products have been awarded the BLUE ANGEL eco-label! The seal has been the German government’s environmental label for over 45 years and gives our customers a reliable sign of the environmental friendliness of our products.

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in search of traces

keeepy is nimble, thrifty and always on the lookout for effective solutions to preserve its habitat. In the process, however, keeepy also leaves traces. We got to the bottom of these traces and created our own ecological pawprint. We are constantly working to keep our ecological pawprint as limited as possible, so that people and nature can continue to enjoy liveable conditions in the future.


We are constantly optimizing our logistics processes.

The results: We produce and buy exclusively in the EU and thus guarantee short supply routes.


From granules to packaging - nothing goes to waste with us. Even even internal polymer waste is 100% reused.

Our items are durable and - depending on the item - can be 100% recycled.


In the manufacture of our products, we use 90% less energy compared to glass or ceramics. For heating our production and commissioning, we use 100% of the waste heat from the cooling systems of the production facilities.


Packaging made of paper and cardboard originates from sustainable cultivation (FSC) and is clearly labelled for the end customer so that it can be returned to the recycling loop.


Thanks to our use of the latest technologies, we can eliminate 100% of of the scrap in the production and reduce material consumption.

smarter server

Why have ten when one can handle it? By switching to a virtual server, we save up to 80% energy. And there is a nice side effect: less cooling is required.


Energy savings with virtual servers

keep repeating over and over again …

From granules to packaging – we reuse everything. Internal polymer waste is 100 % reused. Paper and cardboard packaging comes from sustainable sources (FSC) and is clearly labelled for the end customer so that it can be recycled again. In short, our items are durable and 100% recyclable.


Reuse of internal polymer waste and recyclable keeeper products

cut it down to the maximum

We can greatly reduce polymer dusts through effective dust extraction. We have optimised our cartons and transports to such an extent that they leave no scope for air shows. With our fully electronic machines, we can already save 40% in energy per kg of material used.


Reuse of internal polymer waste and recyclable keeeper products


Energy saving per kg of material used

recycling becomes

Those who recycle utilize reused products that end up in the rubbish again, to be reused again, to end up in the rubbish again and so on… This continues until the product can no longer be reused and ends up in the residual waste.

keeepcycling combines the core values of the keeeper brand with recycling. The core value „to keep“ stands for the preservation of the world. So with keeepcycling, products are spared the recycling process and simply reused over and over again.

in the service of the environment

Labels indicate that our products are safe and durable. The BLUE ANGEL eco label, for example, attests to the fact that our eco line products are twice as resource-friendly, because they are not only produced sustainably, but can also be disposed of and recycled in a sustainable manner. Relevant processes for more sustainability are integrated in our ISO 9001 management system.

keeeper eco line

With the keeeper eco line, we manage to get by with exactly those materials that are already in the recycling loop. In addition, we are even particularly happy to forego adding new raw materials, because we see that we don’t have to make any compromises in terms of quality and design.

to keeeper eco line

more sustainable step by step

It is only together that we can achieve something greater – that is why we work together with our customers and suppliers towards a more sustainable society and towards the betterment of nature and the climate as well as fair treatment among each other. Our training courses on conscious and sustainable behaviour motivate our employees and the internal ecological pawprint is already showing positive effects!

keep it warm

It is not just keeepy that prefers it cosy and warm.
We also use 100% of the waste heat from cooling to provide heating for our production and order picking. Isn’t that clever?

sustainability guaranteed

Our heart beats for the development of sustainable innovations in combination with durable design. Well-known design awards and consumer prizes, such as the Red Dot Award, pro K Award or the Kitchen Innovation Award, are proof of the functionality and quality of our products. What we strive to demonstrate is the ease with which we can use our resources sustainably and sparingly, and how much fun a sustainable lifestyle can be!

led it shine

We contribute to the reduction of energy by replacing the lighting with energy-saving LEDs. We only switch on lights when we really need them.

this is how sustainability works with keeeper

At keeeper, we’re giving you some tips on how you can easily live a more sustainable lifestyle. If everyone takes a small step, together we are already a big step further.

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keep on discovering

Sustainability is a topic that concerns us all. Even with small changes in our everyday lives, we can make a big difference. At keeeper, we act in the interests of the environment in such a way that people and animals will continue to find a valuable habitat in the future. With our sustainability concept, we show that sustainability is already included in our brand promises, the four “e-lements”, and is constantly evolving.

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