keeeper keeps your world

People who enjoy saving things, keeping them fresh and preparing them freshly innately have a sustainable lifestyle already. Which is precisely what we are developing, designing and making our extraordinarily sustainable and affordable household products for, each of them standing for at least one of our four brand promises.

Ecological, efficient, essential – enjoy living

We combine the ecology, economy and needs with the aim of enjoying life as much as possible. And that not despite, but precisely because we act sustainably. With this value-oriented attitude, we contribute our share to a responsible treatment of all our environment.

  1. can plastic be bought with a good conscience?

The invention of plastic changed our world substantially. There would be no computers, mobile phones, no modern medicine and no protective clothing without it. Plastic is part of modern life, makes it easier and more hygienic. The copious possibilities provided by the plasticity and stability of plastic are immeasurable. Which is also why alternative materials are not necessarily a better choice either. The sustainability of natural resources, cost and efficiency of their processing, the water and energy consumption and recyclability have an ever larger role to play in the selection of materials.

2. sustainable living with keeeper products

A sustainable lifestyle is no luxury, but a question of attitude. Everyone can do their bit to make our planet a little better. We have always been contributing to this,  developing a great number of articles that help to make a sustainable lifestyle even more enjoyable. And we are now taking one further leap by consistently orienting our brand towards a resource-saving approach to our environment: By 2025, we want to make most of our products from environment-friendly materials that not only protect their contents, but also our planet.

3. the art of keeeper plastic

keeeper only uses thermoplastic materials that are recyclable. Thermoplastics processing consumes a lot less energy than the production of glass or ceramics, for example. 98 % of the granulate processed at keeeper consists of pure polypropylene (PP) and is therefore easily recyclable. The waste disposal industry’s latest scanner technologies are able to extract and reuse this material from plastic waste virtually unmixed. In addition keeeper products are regularly tested by officially recognized test institutes to ensure the highest quality and product safety.

no one packages things as well as nature.

for everything else, there is keeeper.

The era of disposable packaging is over. More and more people are shopping in package-free shops, from markets or in farm shops, attaching importance to generating no packaging waste, or as little of it as possible. This works particularly well with infinitely reusable and long-lived storage containers that have been manufactured with the greatest possible sustainability themselves.

Being able to store carefully, biologically and sustainably produced food items in cans and boxes made from recycling plastics or natural resources: That is the keeeper contribution to epochal change!

Especially products coming into contact with food are subject to far-reaching and strict requirements that keeeper  meets. All keeeper products are harmless to health – for both adults and children. They are free from bisphenol A (or BPA for short) and contain no heavy metals, plasticizers or other dubious substances.

keeeper eco line

With the keeeper eco line, we succeed in getting by with precisely the materials that are already in the cycle. We even particularly like to add no new materials because we can see that we need not make compromises in the quality and design.

two-fold sustainability

The products in the keeeper eco line are particularly resource-saving because they are made from 100 % recycled plastic. This so-called Procyclen is made from recycled packaging materials and that free from adulterations with other plastics. This makes the entire product line sustainable in more ways than one as its products can also be recycled themselves in turn, naturally.

officially recognized: the “Blue Angel”

The keeeper eco line meets the demanding criteria of the German government’s globally successful and respected eco-label “Blue Angel”, which has been setting ambitious standards in the labelling of environment-friendly products and services, and providing guidance for responsible shopping, for over 40 years. It is awarded for the use of resource-saving raw materials, for example.

We are keeeper

You can recognize a real keeeper not only from the forth “e”, but also from their attitude to life and the environment. “To keep”, for them, means saving things (instead of throwing them away) as much as protecting values (instead of disregarding them). This fundamentally sustainable, responsible and value-oriented attitude is also what characterizes our own approach to the environment. From our staff to the end consumer, and from the supplier to the retailer.

Over 99 % of our products for the European market are manufactured in Europe, too. This way keeeper keeps the strain on the environment to a minimum by making the transport routes as short as possible. Providers from Europe are also clearly preferred in the procurement of basic materials. All products are manufactured to the latest and strictest production standards to meet our high quality and durability standards.