keeeper kids

kasimir 4 in 1
the throne that grows with you

Potty, toilet training seat, step stool and wipe dispenser in one – royally!

keeeper environment

keeps your world

For a real keeeper, “to keep” means to save things – as well as protecting values.

keeeper eco

sustainably durable

With the eco line, we are manufacturing products from eco-plastic that is 100 % recycled packaging material.

keeeper kitchen

what’s cooking?

From avocado toast to zander. From apple tart to zucchini. Cook your way through the kitchen A – Z with keeeper.

keeeper storage

everything in order!?

Yes! Because order is the original benefit of our products. It is the basic idea and core of the keeeper brand.

keeeper home

home, sweet home

Many a doormat’s promise fulfilled: with plenty of application and keeeper household products to match.

keeeper kids

many-coloured kids’ stuff

Things never get boring in the children’s room. But what about the order? Okay, that’s also needed sometimes and even fun with keeeper!

keeeper home

no fear of seperation

swantje loves organic, magne likes the rest. Dustbins and waste separation with keeeper products.

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keeeper kitchen

enjoy living

And find even more enjoyment when there is something to celebrate.

discover the product world

keeeper shop

Buy, buy keeeper

keeeper? Bought!

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quality time

Quality is fun!

With keeeper products you are fully equipped in every respect – and have plenty of time left for the things in life that are important to you.

keeeper environment

keepes your world

For a real keeeper, “to keep” means to save things, as well as protecting values. .

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