Are you a keeeper?

If you love keeping, sorting, preparing and keeping things fresh as much as we do, you have come to the right place. Discover our large keeeper family and find many practical household products that will literally be of sustainable help in your everyday life.

keeeper eco

keeeper products per se support a sustainable and aware lifestyle because they are mostly developed for Do-it-yourselfers, collectors and keepers. With the eco line, we are manufacturing plastic products from 100 % recycled material.

This so-called Procyclen is made from recycled packaging materials. The keeeper eco line thus saves resources in more than one way by not only being produced sustainably, but also sustainably disposed of and recycled in turn at some point.

keeeper kitchen

From avocado toast to zander. From apple tart to zucchini. Cook your way through the kitchen A – Z with keeeper.

Home cooking, storing or keeping fresh. All better than a coffee-to-go from a coated paper cup, ready-to-eat lasagne from an aluminium tray, or the much too generous portion in the Italian restaurant you can’t even manage half of. Find all you need for cooking, baking, freezing, keeping fresh, washing up and transporting at keeeper.

keeeper home

home sweet home. Many a doormat’s promise fulfilled: with plenty of application and keeeper household products to match.

Be it the laundry, windows or floors: roll up your sleeves and get started! Even if our products won’t do your chores for you, they still help to make them a little easier. And not only that: they also look good in doing so, helping you create a really comfy home. Because home is the sweetest when everyone feels great all around.

keeeper storage

Everything in order? Yes! Because order is the original benefit of our products. It is the basic idea and core of the keeeper brand.

We want to bring more pleasure with our products and solutions to all who love order and their homes. Because we and you are both keeepers! Boxes and cases, lidded or unlidded, for rolling or stacking, are robust and practical – and stow away everything that is not screwed down. keeeper products are the be-all and end-all for storage and order.

keeeper kids

Things never get boring in the children’s room. But what about order? Okay, that’s also needed sometimes and even fun with keeeper!

From baby to “I’m no baby anymore, mom!” Safe baby care with bathtubs and bath seats, potty training, step stools and whatever else is important from the bath and baby room through to the children’s room, where dolls, cars, Lego bricks, gaming consoles etc. all need a place for quick fetching from. This is a space for living, laughing, painting and making a mess. And for growing up, naturally, sometimes even outgrowing oneself – no time to get bored!

keep on discovering

Our products are for everyone: young and old, for stay-at-homes and globetrotters, for househusbands and female racing drivers. For people who use keeeper to organise their lives – or at least their wardrobes. Our two catalogues offer a range of personal helpers for you and your home… arranged clean and tidily, just as it should be with keeeper!

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