quality time!

It’s a bit like love: sure, you can spontaneously fall in love with a great appearance.
But in the long run, it’s the inner values and the quality that count. keeeper products not only look good, the chic design products also stand out due to their high-quality finish and well selected usability. All oft hem are interested in a long-term relationship with you!

multitasking talents &
magical makers

keeeper products have so many things that will make you get into raptures. Some are multifunctional and have one main function and several additional functions: An additional filling aid here, a double bottom there, a practical handle here, a clever click closure there. Others are specialised in exactly one function and master it to perfection.
The best thing is: you can have all of them!

clever stylings &
classic beauties

With modern shapes, trendy colours and cool features, keeeper brings a new style into your household! And true to the motto “If you’ve got one, you want them all!“ it is typical for keeeper that whole collections have been created around many products. So everything fits together perfectly and a beautiful overall picture is created. But also timeless individual classics that shine through their simple form and function will make you happy.
Of course, there are always new things to discover. But what remains: our promise of quality!

quality with loyal character

As we are convinced of the quality and durability of our products, we grant a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty of ten years on all products. The high-quality materials are not only particularly durable and long-lasting, they are also easy to clean and dishwasher-suitable. Well thought-out solutions with a high satisfaction factor and loyalty guarantee – so get to the keeeper products!