About us

Mission & vision

Our mission is to improve the lives and homes of all people who enjoy storing & keeping all sorts of things in a tidy & well-organised way. Therefore, we develop, design and produce plastic everyday household products. For them, we market durable products with functional design that are made from environmentally friendly materials, affordable for everyone and necessary for a sustainably organized household. Each “e” in keeeper stands for one of the four brand promises: ecological, efficient, essential – enjoy living!

As the European market leader for affordable and sustainable household products our vision is to show the options for sustainability and efficiency in our industry. A motivated and customer-oriented team, high standards of design and quality, and highly efficient manufacturing and logistics create the basis for this.

keeeper –
the Group

The keeeper Group, a company with a history that spans over 60 years, is the leading German manufacturer of innovative high-quality plastic household products.

With five product lines for kitchen, household, storage, children’s rooms and a line made from 100 % recycled material, we serve well-known customers in Do-it-Yourself market, food retail, wholesale and furniture trade segments in more than 50 countries. As a partner of the retail, keeeper not only meets the required product standards, but also equally reliably, all global delivery and service requirements in the highest quality.

More than 600 employees work at the keeeper locations in Stemwede (Germany), Bydgoszcz (Poland), as well as in Mons (Belgium). In addition, we rely on sales and distribution organisations all around Europe.

As a medium-sized enterprise, we are particularly flexible when it comes to taking specific regional tastes and requirements into account on the one hand and meeting global standards on the other.

Innovation at keeeper

Our aim is to produce unusual and sustainable household products. Patented products such as the folding box “ben” for professional use, for example, prove that quality always leads to lasting success. Other innovations such as our award-winning “kasimir” baby potty 4in1 deluxe are subject to numerous tests and inspections before product launch. The high number of awards we have won (German Brand Award, KitchenInnovation, Red Dot Award) constantly motivate us to design something meaningful and beautiful for our customers.

Sustainability at keeeper

keeeper uses only thermoplastics that are 100 % recyclable. 98 % of the raw material is pure Polypropylene which is also recyclable. We reuse 100 % of our plastic waste by turning it into new products. By using state-of-the-art technologies, we minimise the scrap rate and our raw material consumption. The processing of thermoplastics uses up to 90 % less energy than the amount required for the manufacture of glass or ceramics, for example. By the way: Our products are manufactured in Europe. This means that we keep the environmental impact as low as possible by keeping the transport distances as short as possible.

More than 60 years of plastics expertise

A journey back in time through the history of our company


The ironworks SULO (Streuber & Lohmann Eisenwerke GmbH & Co. KG) from Herford builds a plastics production factory in Stemwede with the aim of adding household goods made from plastics to its portfolio. The state-of-the-art SULO factory creates new jobs in the Stemwede region; its construction soon leads to the building of two new housing estates close by.


Luigi Colani, an internationally well-known and avant-garde designer, creates a baby product collection for SULO in 1971. The timeless, aesthetic design of the baby bath ensured that it has remained a bestseller to this day and is still sold by the keeeper brand.


Aerobics & video games... plastics are becoming green. Establishment of the company OKT Kunststofftechnik GmbH in 1986 at the Stemwede-Oppenwehe headquarters.


The fall of the Berlin Wall unlocks new opportunities in former East Germany and beyond: Wrede Industrieholding GmbH & Co. KG becomes the majority shareholder and founds OKT Polska sp.zo.o. at the Bydgoszcz site in Poland.


OKT is being further expanded: after building up a second production hall, an on-site tool design and manufacturing shop is added to the Bydgoszcz site. This allows us to optimize in-house the entire value chain, from the initial product idea to delivery.


The "BUSINESS UNIT BABY" is established in order to focus more intensively on the babies and kids segment. Child-friendly products are sold under the "Prima Baby" logo.


The in-mould labelling technology is introduced in our manufacturing. From now onwards, all decorative patterns are embedded directly in the plastic using the Inmould-Labeling (IML) method. This technology offers the advantages of brilliant colours, improved scratch resistance and outstanding durability. Almost limitless design possibilities arise.


For unification purposes and to strengthen the OKT brand, "Prima Baby" becomes the brand "OKT Kids". The new website goes online in 2013.


Strategic launch of the consumer and retail brand keeeper and renaming of the company to keeeper GmbH. A very symbolic and appealing signet is chosen for the new company's wordmark and logo: a squirrel, which likes to store things, which is popular with young and old and which loves to be in the nature.


With an innovative brand concept, keeeper GmbH has successfully established itself as a modern and emotional end consumer brand. In June 2017, the company wins the German Brand Award for outstanding brand management.


Launch of the keeeper kitchen collection to the market; in 2019, several of the products from this innovative range of kitchen products win the pro-K award as well as the Kitchen Innovation Award.


In June 2019, the keeeper Group is taken over by Mutares SE & Co. KGaA. The company's strategic orientation is being readjusted and optimizations are implemented throughout the entire value chain.


Production is being comprehensively modernized and expanded by implementing LEAN standards from the automotive industry. Our standards in production, quality and logistics raise productivity to a top level that represents the European benchmark in the industry.


A new 17,910-square-meter logistics building with the capacity to store 20,000 pallets goes into operation in order to be able to respond to customer requirements with maximum flexibility.


The production area and the logistics processes are continuously optimised. Robots now deal with elaborate processes, and the picking process in the order picking area is made easier by the use of movers. The use of digitization allows further gains in efficiency.

The development of a new product has been completed: baby potty 4in1 deluxe "kasimir" is launched to the market and wins the Red Dot Design Award 2022.

The innovative potty has also been selected by the German Association of Toy Retailers (BVS, „Bundesverband des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels“ ) as the highlight of the year for the “TOP 10 Baby & Kind 2023”.

Quality & design at keeeper

keeeper has the highest standards of quality. In collaboration with Development, Quality Management and Manufacturing, we continually aim to optimize and enhance the quality of our products according to the highest standards. We guarantee that keeeper products are safe and good for people and the environment. Technically sophisticated products are marked with a special GS-seal for “Tested Safety”. keeeper is committed to environmental protection, and over the years, the company has steadily reduced its manufacturing emission values. A climate protection certificate confirms our carbon emission savings.

Numerous awards, such as the “German Brand Award” for outstanding brand management and the Kitchen Innovation Award, confirm the innovative design and the exceptionally high quality of the products. Thanks to the high-quality and durable materials, keeeper grants a voluntary manufacturer’s warranty of ten years on all keeeper products.