Tidy trends: the KonMari method

Crazy but true: What was only for squares in the past is now seen as the latest trend: tidying up, cleaning out, right down to minimalism. The KonMari method, 30 day challenge, “death cleaning” and many other formats are offered as advisory concepts. A trend for affluent societies, admittedly, but one we want to take a closer look at in any case, because:

Tidiness outside will also bring tidiness to the inside.

Tidying up your flat will not only make you feel better at home, but also help you rid yourself of unnecessary inner baggage. In this series, we are introducing some of the many different methods and systems.

KonMari method: In one sentence: 
The system of best-selling Japanese author Marie Kondo is focussed on only keeping the things that make you happy.

Her cleaning out proceeds by categories, not rooms. All garments are put on a heap and then each one is picked up individually while asking yourself the following questions: 

  • Does this garment make me happy?
  • Do I need it at this moment in time?
  • Everything that does not bring you joy or doesn’t fit is given away, but not before thanking the garment

Side-by-side instead of stacking. This way you always have an overview. Each item is put in a fixed place that it always needs to be returned to. Marie Kondo folds her garments so that they can be placed in the drawer side by side, without creating piles of clothing.

keeeper conclusion: Inspiring, but also a little radical.
In no case should you throw or give away what you don’t need at the moment! The whole point is to approach your possessions, and also yourself, with greater awareness. And the KonMari method can certainly give some good advice for that.


The side-by-side folding method for clothing, towels and all textiles. Stacked piles of garments tend to topple over whereupon you can start looking for your favourite T-shirt all over again. With adjustable drawer inserts like pepe, this tidying method can be realized even better. And that also in the office, by the way: Here they can help to tidily sort away pens, post-its, scissors and other office stationery.


Realizability. As we put rooms to different uses, we also need an individual ordering system for most of them. Picking out one category at a time from all rooms is difficult, especially for families, and may be apt to cause even greater chaos. The tidiness of your clothing will already be helped if you put away unseasonal clothing in separate bea boxes. And: there is no way around stacks sometimes! For example in the office: The storage trays and stacking baskets mirko & jonas will help you with the paperwork, for example.  

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