plenty of space in the workshop, basement and garage at last

ideally, the garage and the basement should offer storage space for large appliances and other things that take up a lot of room. sometimes, it may also be possible to turn them into a workshop or a room for hobbies. however, what is the most sensible way to furnish these spaces?

Werkstatt mit Werkzeug

Winter tyres, bikes, gardening tools and more: all sorts of things that are in the way somewhere else in the home tend to end up in the garage or the basement. However, these rooms also offer limited space,but if they are well-organised, they will even offer enough room for your DIY bits and pieces.

sturdy shelving units free up space and are a great way to store everything tidily.

Stabiles Regal mit robusten Aufbewahrungsboxen

Whether in the form of a box or a basket, the sturdy transport box “robert” is suitable for storing a variety of things, including bulky food.

Ideally, the garage and the basement should offer enough storage space for large appliances and other things that take up a lot of room. The easiest way to keep these spaces well-organised is with shelving units that also leave you enough room for your DIY pursuits. Shelves offer dry and secure storage for all of the things you don’t really want to store inside your home, such as motor oil, gloss paint, de-icing salt or petrol for your lawnmower, as well as other things you only use rarely or at certain times of the year. The units should be made of sturdy wood or metal and be heavy duty.

the right shelf is only the first step. storage boxes are the perfect solution for storing everything away tidily.

Die Transportboxen eckhart und die Kristalbox cornelia eignen sich sehr gut und Garage oder Keller.

You can immediately see what is inside transparent storage boxes such as “konrad” – whereas opaque boxes such as “eckhart” need labelling.

Storage boxes are perfect for handily storing materials, tools and odds and ends. Plastic boxes are the best choice for the basement or the garage. They are lightweight yet still retain their shape for a long time. They are available in different sizes and colours, and often also come with lids. Transparent boxes are ideal for storing tools, accessories (e.g. cables, spare parts) or single objects. Everything is stored in a tidy way, and you can see what is inside at a glance.

Awkwardly shaped gardening tools can be stored on the walls on wall hooks; smaller tools, flower pots, fertiliser etc. can be stored together in one box. Labelling the boxes makes it easier to find everything.

Once the shelving units have been installed and everything has been stored away, you should think about a worktop or workbench.

what’s the best place to store tools? a wall mounted pegboard rack keeps everything in order

Aufgehängte Kunststoffkörbe und Boxen können das Werkzeug und anderes Material aufbewahren.

In the workshop, tools are stored on the wall; small parts are stored in plastic baskets and boxes. (

The best idea is to fasten a pegboard tool rack to the wall above your workbench. You will find suitable tool holders in the shops. There are different kinds to ensure optimum storage for all kinds of tools.

Store your tools in a well-organised and easy way on a pegboard rack. Hang tools you use often close to where you work. Store screws, nails, glue, pens and other smaller accessories in little plastic baskets attached to hooks in the wall. This keeps the workbench uncluttered; everything is in its place as well as handy

See our blog here for more ideas.

creating more storage space by going upwards

The sturdy stacking boxes can also be hung under the ceiling.

With the aid of suitable fasteners, the sturdy stacking boxes “eckhart“ can also be suspended from the ceiling to save space.

Sturdy boxes can also be suspended from the ceiling with the aid of suitable fasteners available in the shops. However, it is a good idea to only store things in these that are not too heavy and that you don’t use too often.

Auch Fahrräder und Leitern können mit speziellen Haken an die Wände gehängt werden. Mit wenigen Handgriffen sind sie wieder abnehmbar

Bicycles can also be hung on the walls with special hooks. (

space saving tip: bikes and ladders can also be stored on the walls with special hooks. it only takes a few seconds to take them down.

Keep your home organized!

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