smart storage: the best way to store clothes and accessories.

Clothing is one of the basic human needs. We all need clothes to protect us from the cold and to express our personality and style. However, some clothes and accessories we own are rarely used or need to be packed away for a longer period of time depending on the season.

Winterliche Strickpullover werden zusammengelegt und gestapelt.

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Ideally, you should store these pieces in a box and keep them separate from your everyday garments. This can be in a storeroom, in the cellar or at the top of the wardrobe, depending on the storage space you have in your flat or house. Storage in airtight boxes from keeeper is an excellent solution. keeeper offers a wide range of boxes that are perfect for storing even delicate clothes. The “bea” and “cornelia” boxes are particularly ideal because these boxes are available in many different sizes, so they fit into any wardrobe and can be used in the ideal format depending on the contents to be stored.

advantage number one: space saving

One of the biggest advantages of storing clothes in boxes is the space saved. It makes little sense, for example, to have a ball gown that you might only wear out once every three years permanently hanging in the middle of your everyday clothes. This makes daily handling more difficult, because the more densely the clothes hang on the bar, the more difficult it is to take out individual items and hang them back again. So if you take little-used clothes “out of the line of fire”, you will have more space and air for your favourite pieces that you like to wear in everyday life.

The large “bea” storage boxes can be used to store winter clothes, for example.

Hanging or placing everything next to each other indiscriminately and without a system also impairs clarity. When you open your wardrobe in the morning, you should have a clearly defined area where you can see only the clothes that are suitable for normal everyday use. The eye shouldn’t have to sort through the clothes first and, for example, hide dirndls or beach dresses. What I see at first glance I can spontaneously take out and put on during a normal working day or even at the weekend – that is the goal for daily handling.

For the following categories, it is advisable to keep the corresponding clothes together with the corresponding accessories (such as bags, shoes, etc.). This way you can easily bring out the right clothes for the specific occasion:

Sports, swimming (incl. beach towels, pareos), festive occasions such as opera or ball, traditional costume, deep winter in the country, …

Of course, this list depends on your individual lifestyle. Important: Before you start a tidying project, you should definitely take the time to define and determine your personal categories. It is best to do this in writing.

advantage number two: protection

Der Deckel von Box "bea" hat 2 Möglichkeiten zum Verschließen. Staubfrei oder Luftzirkulierend

Storage box “bea” has an air-control patent. Depending on the contents, you can use the lid to make the box air- and dust-proof or air-circulating.

If you store your clothes, shoes and accessories in airtight boxes, they are perfectly protected from dust, moisture and pests. This way, your precious favourite pieces will stay beautiful for longer and you will be able to enjoy them year after year – whenever you take the packed away pieces out of the box for the appropriate occasion.

A word on the subject of moisture: if clothes get damp, they can quickly develop an unpleasant smell or even mould – which of course cannot happen in airtight boxes. However, you should bear in mind that if moisture can’t get into the box, it can’t get out either. So it’s important to let the clothes you’re packing dry out very well before stowing them away for the next season.

Example: After a ski holiday, you should wash your ski clothes and then make sure they are completely dry before storing them for the next ski season.

Moths and other pests can also wreak havoc on your clothes. They particularly like natural materials such as wool or silk. But the little beasts have no chance of penetrating airtight plastic boxes. Besides all the other advantages, careful storage in boxes also helps to protect your clothes from damage. The “bea” storage box is particularly suitable for this because it has a special air-control patent: depending on the contents, you can use the box with the lid in an air- and dust-tight or air-circulating way.

2 Aufbewahrungsboxen "cornelia" von keeper mit zusammengelegter Skikleidung inkl. Helm und Skischuhe.

Sorted by theme, you can quickly find all the clothes and accessories that belong together. In the photo, the ski equipment is stowed in two “cornelia” storage boxes.

advantage number three: better organisation

The essential method described briefly above to make daily handling much easier for yourself is particularly close to my heart as an organisation coach. And it goes like this: All items (and also garments!) are grouped together in themes, i.e. categorised, and things that belong together are kept together in one place. So if you sort your clothes by season or occasion, you can find everything quickly and easily when the time comes, without having to search through your entire wardrobe. So the eternal search will soon be history!

keeeper boxes definitely help: you can use them to clearly separate the individual themes and stack them systematically. If you then label the boxes, you have done everything to optimise the overview of your valuable items.

Whether jeans or festive clothes, the “bea” boxes ensure order and space in the wardrobe.

In summary, storing seasonal or occasion-related clothing including accessories in boxes is an ideal solution for saving space, protecting the items and keeping an organisational overview. Ideally, these are lockable, airtight and transparent boxes, which you will certainly find at keeeper in the sizes that are made for your space.

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