safer water fun for tiny ones – bathing baby

bathing baby

Baby bathing: Mother bathes her baby in the baby bath “natalia”. (

bathing baby – tips for perfect baby bathing fun

Having a bath can be really exciting for many babies and is widely known to have a particularly calming effect on children. However, many parents of babies are uncertain and question what is the correct way to bathe their baby. When, how long and how often can I bathe my baby and what baths are they safe in?

when can i start bathing baby?

If the umbilical cord has healed, there’s nothing stopping you from giving your baby their first bath. You can also speak to your midwife or paediatrician about any other concerns. In their first few weeks, your baby should only be bathed once a week to prevent their skin from getting too dry. After a few weeks, it is OK to bathe them every three to four days.

how long should you bathe baby?

In their first few months, babies should not spend any longer than 10 minutes in the bath. This can then be increased to 15 minutes. Make sure that your baby is dried properly after their bath. Also ensure that you pat dry any damp areas in skin folds.

baby on mothers arm after bathing

Babies should dry well immediately after bathing. (

baby bathing with baby shampoo or something else?

You won’t usually need any special shampoo or other bath products for your little one. If your baby has particularly dry skin, you can use special baby bath products or add a couple of drops of mild baby oil. Under no circumstances should you use normal soap, as you run the risk of damaging the skin’s natural protective acid mantle. The remains of lotion and dirt.

what are the ideal room and water temperatures when bathing baby?

The room temperature should be between at least 23° C and 25° C. Keep the towel, nappies and clean clothes within arm’s reach so your little one can be wrapped up warm straight after their bath and won’t freeze.

To achieve the optimum water temperature for baby of around 37° C you should use a bath thermometer for babies. The bath water should only be 10-15 cm deep.

the right temperature for the baby bath

The temperature of the baby bath water must first be checked.

what is the right way to bathe your baby?

Often a baby bath is perfect to ensure that your baby can really enjoy their bath time and sits safely. In a small bath, you can hold your little one securely using just one hand and gently wash them with the other. It is particularly important that you always hold baby with one hand, and consequently it is also worth putting bathing items such as towels and flannels close by next to the bath.

perfect support thanks to bath inserts

Many parents rely on additional bath inserts for their babies. They serve as anti-slip protection and are thereby an important accessory for safely bathing baby.

The “natalia” baby bath with insertable reclining surface made of soft plastic is suitable for little ones. The texture of the ergonomically moulded reclining seat is kind to skin and prevents the baby from sliding down. The baby lies in a protected and supported position in a comfortable reclining seat.

A baby bath net, such as “iwona” for example, can increase the safety of a newborn. A taut net is fixed over an ergonomically moulded baby bath and the net is made of hygienic mesh quality and therefore keeps tiny ones safe from slipping under the bath water.  Just like a taut hammock, the baby lies comfortably on the net whilst bathing. Of course are the inserts also removable and the bath can still be used when the baby becomes too big for the insert.

a bath seat can make bath time that little bit more comfortable for larger babies

If your child is somewhat older, the anatomic “leon” baby bath seat is a great alternative to the baby bath. This bath aid, made of sturdy plastic, can simply be put into the normal bath tub. Thanks to its anti-slip rubber coating and suction pad, the plastic seat stays fixed and secure on the smooth surface of the bath. A bath seat eases the transition from baby bath to adult bath. In the seat, your baby is held securely and avoids the risk of slipping into the deeper water. Your baby can sit in the bath seat and splash about independently whilst making bathing and playing easier for mum and dad thanks to their free hands.

baby in bathing seat "leon"

With the baby bath seat “leon”, bathing is great fun. (

greater comfort for mum and dad with the universal stand for baby baths

A frame for the baby bath makes it a comfortable height and gives your back a rest. Here you should take a look at the “dawid” universal stand; the certified TÜV seal of quality guarantees stability and safety.

To conveniently empty the baby bath, many models have a practical outlet with a plug which can be attached to an appropriate outlet hose. Then the bath water can be emptied from the bath down the drain or into a bucket.

Never leave the bathroom during bath time and keep hold of the baby at all times to ensure that their head does not go under water. Please familiarise yourself with the user instructions and warnings concerning the bath products. Bathing baby will become a much-loved ritual and a wonderful time for water fun for your little ones.

keep on baby bathing!

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