With a mud kitchen, your garden becomes an adventure playground!

Cooking with water, sand, and daisies, stirring in the mud, shaping cakes from it: In the garden, children can spend hours playing with moist sand.


Kind spielt im Garten mit einer Matschküche


Mud kitchens encourage children to experience nature with all their senses while simultaneously fostering their creativity and imagination. Wood is the ideal material for building a mud kitchen as it is sturdy, durable, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, wood lends the kitchen a rustic charm that ignites children’s imaginative minds.

How to build a mud kitchen out of wood?

Building a mud kitchen out of wood doesn’t necessarily require advanced carpentry skills. With a little creativity and the right materials, you can create a beautiful mud kitchen for your children.

• Planning and Design: First, consider how you want your mud kitchen to look.

• Material Procurement: There are countless building instructions for mud kitchens available on the internet. Ready-made kits are also offered in hardware stores..

• Construction: Build the mud kitchen according to the instructions. Ensure that everything is stable and securely childproofed. Edges and sharp corners should be sanded down to prevent children from getting hurt.

• Creative Decorating: Your imagination is almost limitless, or let your children help decorate the mud kitchen. With “emil” plastic boxes, you also have the practical “sinks” for splashing water. Hang up small kitchen utensils or sand toys, and the mud kitchen is ready to play.

A self-built mud kitchen turns the garden into an adventure garden. The plastic boxes “emil” serve as sinks and are available in various colors and sizes.


Essential experiences for the little ones

A mud kitchen offers numerous benefits for children and their development:

Sensory experiences:

Playing with sand and water allows children to explore different textures and temperatures, promoting their sensory skills.

Creativity and imagination:

In a mud kitchen, children can engage in role-playing, invent new “recipes,” and develop their imagination in a playful way.

Cooperation and social skills:

Playing together in the mud kitchen promotes collaboration, communication, and sharing among children.

Mud kitchens encourage your children to spend time outdoors and connect with nature, but above all, splashing and playing with sand and water brings endless joy to the little ones!

Keep on playing!


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