What does a baby and toddler need in the bathroom?

As soon as young couples find out that they are having a baby, the nest-building instinct sets in. After all, there is quite a lot of furniture and utensils for babies advertised as useful helpers. And it all looks so adorable! It’s hard to keep a cool head and ask yourself: what does a baby and toddler need in the bathroom? do we, the baby and I, really need this?


Tritthocker "tomek" erleichtert es, an das Waschbecken zu kommen.

Non-slip step stools are needed to reach the toilet or sink.


But what does it take for parents and baby to be able to cope with everyday life as relaxed as possible?

Especially when it comes to the baby’s hygiene, there are many products on the market. And it has to be said quite honestly, babies often want to be changed and love to have a bath!

Wickelauflage amelia

A changing area needs space for a soft changing mat (here amelia), a nappy bin “karol” and a storage box for nappies and creams, etc.

Changing mat amelia ensures that your baby lies softly and comfortably during changing or after bathing for the feel-good programme. However, it does not necessarily have to be used on a changing table. As practical as a changing table may seem with a newborn, you won’t be able to lay your little bundle of energy down on it with a clear conscience. So it’s always more practical to place the changing mat right on the floor, where your little one can roll around to his or her heart’s content. And where to put the stinky nappies? Whether you use cloth nappies or disposable nappies, you need a solution! The little “stinky nappies” find a decorative and safe storage place in the nappy bin karol.

A cosy baby bath makes babies happy

Babys baden gern in kleinen Badewannen.

The small baby bath tubs have some advantages: Not as much water is used and the plastic provides more slip resistance.

Little ones love to bathe, as it reminds them of the many months they spent in mummy’s tummy. That’s why it’s worth buying a small bathtub. The wiktoria or maria baby bathtub is available in a variety of designs and with a practical plug for draining the water. Newborns don’t need bath additives yet, but slightly older babies can be given a little almond oil as extra care in the bath water. And after the bath, they are dried off, lotioned and massaged. This relaxes babies, builds trust and contributes to a close bond between you and your little one.

To make sure you have everything ready to hand, boxes are ideal for storing baby care products, towels, flannels, nappies, etc. These can be quickly picked up and used to keep your baby warm. These can be picked up quickly and ensure that everything can be put away quickly and neatly afterwards. The kaja storage box with child-friendly motifs and in many different sizes is particularly practical for this purpose, so that it can be perfectly integrated into the bathroom. And the best thing about it: thanks to the lid with carrying handle, children who have outgrown babies and nappies can continue to use this box for toys, e.g. for painting accessories or modelling clay, and carry it around the house from one play area to the next with ease.

When it’s time to swap the nappy for the potty and toilet

Speaking of toddler in bathroom: every child eventually reaches the autonomy phase in which they want to do as much as possible themselves. In accordance with Maria Montessori’s guiding principle “Help me to do it myself!”, you can help your toddler with suitable gadgets. For example, the igor step stool makes it easier for your child to wash their hands and reach the toilet seat ewa.

Kinder-Badezimmerausstattung im Dekor "hippo"

A complete bathroom set for children looks particularly pretty in the same decor (here “hippo”).(maria, igor, ewa and adam)

That´s quite a lot of inventory! If that’s just too much for you (to be honest), if it’s just sitting around and has an expiry date because it’s only needed for a short time, there’s kasimir – deluxe 4-in-1 baby potty that can do (almost) everything. First usable as a potty with integrated wet wipe dispenser, it can be quickly dismantled into individual parts for the toddler and used as a toilet seat and step stool.

And here’s a final tip for parents-to-be:

Please don’t think that you have to get everything for your child immediately! Relax, you don’t have to be perfectly set up for the baby before the birth. Because there is no patent remedy for the basic equipment. As different as babies are, so different are the things that make your daily routine easier as parents. If something is really missing, it can be found quickly. And many of the things you need or don’t need will only come to you in everyday life with your baby and toddler in bathroom.

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