Press release March 2024

Hille, March 2024
Nachmessebericht keeeper ,Ambiente 2024

keeeper Organizational Solutions
Creating order. Keeping order.

The company successfully presented itself at ambiente 2024


March 2024 – The keeeper Group, headquartered in Hille, East Westphalia, with its own production facility in Europe, is one of the leading European providers of innovative household and storage products made of high-quality plastic. Made in EU is not just an origin designation for keeeper; it’s a quality standard. The high keeeper standard is evident in its product lines for kitchen, household, and storage, as well as in the kids category with products for babies and toddlers. The eco line made from 100% recycled plastic is the latest edition. The product range is distributed in over 50 countries through respective trade channels.


In January 2024, the company showcased at the world’s largest consumer goods fair, ambiente (Frankfurt/Main), featuring a selection from its comprehensive range of more than 700 catalog items.CEO Martin Bieri stellt die neue select line von keeeper vor.

The completely booked trade fair grounds (approximately 5,000 exhibitors) hosted the consumer goods industry from 170 countries for five days. “The fair was a visitor magnet and met our expectations 100%. It was the ideal platform to meet our trade partners nationally and internationally and showcase our portfolio of organizational solutions and product innovations,” summarizes Martin Bieri, CEO of keeeper Group.


keeeper keeps your world – a corporate concept

Sustainability, a focal point of the consumer goods industry, was noticeable in the discussions at ambiente. For the keeeper team, the focus remains on developing and expanding the sustainable range with innovative concepts. Sustainability goes hand in hand with lifestyle and design. The keeeper Group only produces articles that adhere to a sustainable cycle. The company utilizes 100% of its own plastic waste to create new products, which can, in turn, be 100% recycled. This concept contributes to reducing environmental impact. keeeper products are never disposables but are characterized by longevity and clever design while being highly functional.

The sustainability theme is evident in the brand claim “keeeper keeps your world.” It reflects the ecological and efficient attitude, starting from the repeatedly used raw materials, the CO2-optimized production process, to the FSC-certified packaging, leading to the households of end customers. keeeper, with its commitment, stands for preserving personal belongings and natural resources.
Logo ethical style by ambiente

Therefore, the keeeper eco line was among the highlights of the keeeper trade fair presentation. The products, as basics of household organization, are particularly resource-efficient: they are made from 100% recycled plastic. This so-called post-consumer recyclate comes from household packaging waste (Yellow Bin). The company is pleased with this year’s recognition of the eco line product series with the “ethical style by ambiente” logo award. The jury criteria included keeeper guaranteeing ecological and socially acceptable production.



About keeeper
The keeeper Group, headquartered in Hille, Germany, with its own production and logistics in Europe, is one of the leading European providers of innovative, high-quality, and sustainable plastic household products. With four product categories for kitchen, household, storage, and kids, the group serves renowned customers in the areas of D.I.Y., grocery retail, wholesale, and furniture retail in over 50 countries under the German Brand Award-winning brand keeeper. Each product stands for at least one of the four brand promises: ecological, efficient, essential – enjoy living!

Martina Goldstein
Group Director Marketing
fon: +49 5773 801-23

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