Your most important rights and duties as an apprentice

“Apprenticeship years are not master years”, perhaps you have heard this saying more than once? Most of the time you have to do what you are told, but there are limits here as well. There is a precise regulation regarding the training in a company.


julia describes rights and duties of a trainee


Here I present to you what rights and obligations a trainee has to avoid difficult and unfair situations.

Rights of an apprentice


• Right to adequate remuneration

Appropriate remuneration is a matter of opinion, but there is a statutory minimum training allowance of €515 for training started in 2020

• Right to necessary means of education

Necessary training resources include, for example, tools, office supplies, and safety clothing.

• Right to time off for vocational school

The trainee must be released from work by the company for the vocational school.

• Right of termination with a 4-week notice period

As a trainee, you can quit at any time with a 4-week notice period.

• Right to the issuance of an employer’s reference

After completion of the training, the trainee has the right to receive a certificate of employment/training.

• Right to a youth and apprenticeship representation

A training representation can be formed in a company if a works council exists and at least 5 persons entitled to vote are employed in the company. Those entitled to vote are:

  • Employees who have not yet reached the age of 18
  • Trainees up to the age of 25

•Right to vacation (vacation entitlement)

  • Under 16 at least 30 vacation days per year
  • Under 17 at least 27 vacation days per year
  • Under 18 at least 25 vacation days per year
  • From 18 at least 24 vacation days per year

• Right to sufficient time to complete the report portfolio

The company is required to provide you with sufficient time to complete the report card.

• Right to break times

  • Young people: If you work more than 6 hours, you may take a one-hour break.
  • Adults: If you work 6-9 hours, you are allowed to take a 30-minute break.

Duties of an apprentice


• Duty to learn and effort to successfully complete training.

You must make an effort as an apprentice to successfully complete the training.

• Duty of care in the company and vocational school

You should always keep and leave your workplace carefully

• Keeping a report book

Every trainee is obliged to keep a report book. The trainer must check this regularly.

• Obligation to attend vocational school

As trainees, you are obliged to attend vocational school.

• Follow the instructions of the employer

As an apprentice, you must follow the employer’s instructions and complete the tasks carefully, provided they are related to the apprenticeship.

• Comply with company rules

Each company has its own company rules that you must follow.
If it is prescribed, you should wear protective clothing and work clothes, for example, or keep folders sorted according to regulations.

• Careful and cautious handling of work materials

Work materials should generally be handled with care and not broken on purpose.

• Confidentiality for trade secrets

There is a duty of confidentiality with regard to company secrets. This means that you may not disclose certain information to the public.

• Obligation to report illness and provide a medical certificate

If you are ill, you should inform your employer as soon as possible and provide a medical certificate.



My conclusion is that even a trainee has certain rights in the company and does not have to put up with everything.
However, duties must also be observed. After all, you want to learn the profession and be successful in it, so a sense of responsibility and a high level of commitment to work are actually self-evident.
The tone makes the music, with a respectful and polite manner and a great deal of acceptance for the other person’s position, you can represent your opinion and look for a solution together.
In my opinion, a trustworthy contact person is particularly important during training.

Tip: If you are not sure what your rights and obligations are in certain situations, don’t be afraid to approach a person you trust and ask for advice. Another trainee, staff member or even the janitor, often another opinion or a helping hand can be very helpful.


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