world of learning

But isn’t learning boring, tiring, and no fun at all? You obviously don’t know keeeper! An internship with us is the exact opposite. Don’t just take our word for it – the BEST PLACE TO LEARN quality mark for training companies proves it. There is a reason why up to seven new faces come to us each year to start their apprenticeships – and with a takeover probability of 98%, it is very likely that they will stay on afterwards. What can we offer you as a trainee? An exciting training scheme in a whole range of professions! As well as the opportunity to further develop your personal strengths, and to successfully become a responsible member of the company. For example, you will have your own projects such as organising the annual trainee fair, and in the first year, you will be involved in seminars and training sessions on subjects such as business etiquette, all under the slogan “Fit for training”.

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