How do I recognise a good employer?

Are you looking for a good employer and wondering how you can recognise one? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place. I’ll show you the most frequently chosen selection criteria that define a good employer.

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Hi, I’m Chiara and I’m doing a dual study programme Bachelor of Arts Business Administration at keeeper.

The emphasis here varies greatly, as it is based on the individual’s feelings. What is particularly important to you in your future company and what would bother you? These are essential questions that you should clarify for yourself first. For me personally, for an example, a good working atmosphere was the most important thing. Other possible selection criteria follow in a small ranking.

For most people it is most important if the employer… :

1. … shows a genuine appreciation.

Appreciate their own achievements and see the employee as an active contributor to the company’s future. In doing so, also take ideas and other co-creations into account and balance them against each other. No false promises should be made and wishes/suggestions should be accepted and implemented if possible.

2. … taking time for someone.

Already in the application process you can see which employer really takes time for his applicants and does not bluntly sort them out. If the employer already takes the appropriate time on the phone and in the interview, he often does the same with customers and employees. This makes it possible to meet on an open and constructive level, which also promotes internal communication.

3. … is motivated and promotes team spirit.

A good employer does not build on a stubborn hierarchy, instead it works together with its employees. Through positive internal communication, an employee is motivated and the team spirit is enhanced. Thus, there is a pleasant motivating working atmosphere. Promotion opportunities and further training possibilities, as well as supportive seminars, add to the motivation. This can also be asked about in an interview.

4. … focuses on a good work-life balance.

With a good work-life balance, there is only a low fluctuation rate, which speaks for a good employer, because employees can really feel good. This positive corporate culture is often also shown when corporate values are published or the company philosophy is made public. This shows that the company attaches particular importance to these issues. In addition, flexible working hours, a fair salary and attractive social benefits indicate a feel-good culture in the company.

These criteria help to identify a good employer.

But how can you recognise a good company for an apprenticeship?

I love my job.

You can find a lot of information on their own company website or on social media channels. There you can find awards like BEST PLACE TO LEARN, company values and company philosophy.
It is also advisable to take a look at job portals such as XING, LinkedIn and Kununu, which provide reviews and experience reports.
Maybe you know someone in your circle of friends who already knows something about the company or knows someone who works there. Often the information is second-hand, but could still be useful.

However, I definitely recommend forming your own opinion. You learn a lot about the company in the first meeting. What is the atmosphere like during the interview? Do you feel comfortable and are they being responsive to your questions? Trust your instincts if you are not sure.

Trainee recruitment fairs are often a good way to get an overview and perhaps even a basic orientation. There are usually trainees from the company who can answer your questions. You can also quickly recognise whether the trainees are motivated and how cooperative their relationship is with each other.

But the best thing is to make your own experiences: How about a work trial day or an internship? There you can get to know your colleagues and explore the working environment.

So, now you know a few selection criterias for a positive future in a company where you feel comfortable. Now you can start to work on finding the right employer for you!

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