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A variety of topics, exciting news and entertaining stories from around our product world and our company await you on these pages. And because we have a well-known soft spot for order, we have organised the topics neatly for you. Happy reading!

Avoiding waste in everyday life : reduce, reuse & recycle

With these tips, you can achieve zero waste in your everyday life without having to turn everything upside down. By making a few small changes to your habits, you can reduce your waste. First of all, it is important to be aware of your own packaging waste.

Tips for more storage space in the kitchen

The first rule for sufficient storage space in the kitchen: every object must have its own place. This saves time during cooking and provides more space. In addition, a tidy kitchen looks much more homely.

Finally autumn – Deco ideas in warm autumn colours

Every year autumn shows us anew how harmonious and cosy the interplay of the autumn colours is and what a cosy atmosphere they create. In flower arrangements and bouquets you can play with these colours very well. Decorative dry bouquets are also among the floral trendsetters this year. These sustainable flower arrangements are particularly durable.

Simply clean: clever & natural household tips for a clean home

There are a few simple tricks you can use to keep your microwave, fridge, ect in order. We will tell you how to clean and organise your kitchen fast and easy. Sometimes simple ingredients like lemon or salt are very functional cleaning supplies.

Making Slime yourself

The DIY slime is produced quite quickly. You may already have the ingredients at home - the main ingredients are glue and detergent. We have put together the basic Slime recipe and four individual recipes for different kind of Slime.

Why not take your holiday at home?

No suitcase packing - no organisational stress Is everything packed, have we forgotten anything, does the neighbour have the key, has the house been cleaned? Do we all have travel vaccinations and where is the first-aid kit anyway? Before we start to relax, we often have to deal with stress.

5 tips for an organized household

With a few basic rules you can easily keep your apartment in order. If you follow these 5 tips, you will soon find that a tidy household is easy to achieve. All it takes is the will to change and a little self-discipline.

Potty training: tips for becoming dry

Potty training: tips for becoming dry The potty training is one of the greatest challenges for a toddler. To be able to overcome this obstacle and become dry, your child needs to be physically and mentally prepared for this.

Home Office: Turn your home into your office instead of making the office your home

Working from home - For many employees that sounds like a dream come true. For optimal productivity, the right setup of your workspace is a very important prerequisite when working from home. In other words: the usual domestic distractions, together with the typical office clutter, can easily have a negative impact on concentration and effectiveness. You should set up a dedicated place for all things you need in the home office

How to celebrate a New Year’s Eve party with your kids they’ll remember for a long time to come

Living sustainably means conserving resources. But what does sustainable living look like in our everyday life? Overall we produce too much waste in western countries. Single-use products, unnecessary packaging and food that is thrown away because it has spoiled. The avoidance of waste and the re-use of raw materials through recycling are important aspects of combating this!

Tips for a relaxed and stress-free Christmas time

Living sustainably means conserving resources. But what does sustainable living look like in our everyday life? Overall we produce too much waste in western countries. Single-use products, unnecessary packaging and food that is thrown away because it has spoiled. The avoidance of waste and the re-use of raw materials through recycling are important aspects of combating this!

Tips for more sustainability in your everyday life

Living sustainably means conserving resources. But what does sustainable living look like in our everyday life? Overall we produce too much waste in western countries. Single-use products, unnecessary packaging and food that is thrown away because it has spoiled. The avoidance of waste and the re-use of raw materials through recycling are important aspects of combating this!

Plenty of space in the workshop, basement and garage at last

Finally space in workshop, cellar and Garage The garage and cellar are often designed to provide storage space for bulky equipment and objects. Sometimes a workshop can also be set up there. But what is the best way to organize the room?

Expecting your first baby – what’s inside baby’s first room?

When expecting a baby, you should make sure you set up the nursery before giving birth. Of course, it should be beautiful and homey, but there are also some points that you need to pay attention to.

How about a camping holiday?

Camping – here today, somewhere else tomorrow! If you are well-organised and are also able to improvise, a camping holiday is a truly relaxing experience. . If everything has a home and even the smallest corners are utilised, you don't have to unpack everything every evening and can simply arrive at your destination and relax. Autosleepers are usually equipped with pull-out storage systems. Many things can be handily stored there in storage boxes (for example the transport box "robert").

Dog food storage – how to keep dog food fresh

Dog food is like all food: if it isn't stored properly, it goes off faster or attracts unwanted parasites. Besides this, although dog noses love the smell of their food, humans find its strong odour rather unpleasant. However, what's the best way to store dog food? First of all, the type of dog food already makes a difference. Wet food should be stored in a different way to dry food

Come on, we’re having a birthday party

Birthdays are always an important day for every child. But they’re even better when friends and family come to the party and have just as much fun as the birthday boy or girl. With a bit of planning and organisation, a child's birthday party can turn into an unforgettable event. It’s a good idea to prepare some party games to make sure the little ones don’t get bored.

recycling at home – optimum waste separation with the right bins

Paper, plastic, glass: recycling and separating our household waste is good for the Earth, and recycling is one of the fundamental issues with regard to environmental protection. In recent years, the awareness of the need to recycle and avoid waste has increased considerably all over the world. With the right bins and containers, waste separation is easy and effective. Using the right containers also keeps everything hygienic and clean.

Springtime is gardening time

In the spring, it seems as if nature is just waiting for someone to give the signal for the gardening season to begin.

What should you do with leftover food?

Is freezing a safe solution? What food is suitable for freezing?

Home detox – six practical tips for decluttering & tidying up

What is unnecessary and can go? First of all, you have to spot the unnecessary things that make it more difficult to keep your home tidy. Usually, these are things like objects, clothes or books we don't use and don't actually need. Junk and useless things are often not just shoved into cupboards or under the bed but also soon clutter up valuable space in hallways and basements ...

safer water fun for tiny ones

Many parents of babies are uncertain and question what is the correct way to bathe their baby. When, how long and how often can I bathe my baby and what baths are they safe in? We give you answers.

Create your own advent calendar

How about a colourful advent calendar that can be hung decoratively on the wall & can come out again next year? With a bit of skill you can create it.

Decorate your rooms with less

When it comes to decorating, there are a few basic tips that help us to stay stylish whilst being creative.

The right way to do your laundry

The right way to do your laundry: How to sort your clothes and choose the correct temperature setting and detergent

urban gardening – box gardening

grow tomatoes & salads yourself with the “robert” transport basket

keep on creating: how to make your own modelling clay

modelling clay is easy to make yourself; almost everyone has the natural ingredients required for the purpose in their kitchens. in this way, a rainy ...

keep on cooking: how to cook your own baby food

once your baby is between four and six months old, it will be time for the first solid foods. although a large selection of jarred baby foods is available, ...

keep on styling: “pastel colours” home trends

welcome in the spring and decorate your home in trendy pastel tones. the rumour persists that pastel colours are for girls. but these ice cream colours offer so much more!

spring cleaning in 7 steps

did you know that the month of february is named after the spring clean? the latin word ‘februare’ can be translated as ‘purification’. we’ve put together the 7 most important steps for a successful spring clean.

5 storage tips for bea & cornelia

the cornelia & bea storage systems are versatile, useful boxes, tidying everything up and making our lives easier. here are a couple of tips!

keep it easy everyday: everyday tips for mums

kids turn our world upside down. We have to put our own wishes and needs on the back burner, because something or – to be more exact – someone else has now taken centre stage. as wonderful and colourful as everyday life as a mum might be ...

jonas and paola really have your kitchen under control!

cooking can be such fun, but you need the right ingredients for this. what to do, though, when your supply cabinet is completely unorganised, and you no longer know whether you have enough flour, tomato concentrate, etc.?

clean space = clean mind: the best way to organise your desk!

we all know those days where nothing at work seems to go as we intended. thousands of thoughts racing through our heads, and our concentration keeps on getting worse. however, this low is perfect for taking a little orientation break. today, true to the motto of “clean space = clean mind“,

1 product, 5 styles – lotta is tidying up the room

what has been practised in perfection in the fashion world for a very long time, also works indoors, when it comes to our organization aids.

potty training with keeeper

suddenly the time has come… faster than you think. we’re talking about the time after nappies when our little ones get bigger and start their potty training.

how to pimp your washing machine, or: the end of boring laundry

we prepared a creative and colourful lifehack on the topic of “washing laundry” for you. stay tuned.

finally a well-organised wardrobe

we have prepared a number of useful organisation hacks for your wardrobe.

when life gives you lemons …

… make lemonade! and we have the right recipe for a delicious lemonade.

baby check list for parents-to-be

the time with the first baby is like an emotional roller coaster. it’s exciting and thrilling, stressful and therapeutic, challenging and inspiring.

how to make the daily clean-up fun

cleaning-up for most children is not a big pleasure. the little ones do not want to waste their precious playtime

keep your car clean and organized – it’s simple

today it’s all about a practical companion in our daily lives – the folding box. surely, everyone has got at least one of these useful helpers at home. particularly in the car they are very helpful. why and how? we are about to show you – just keep on reading.

say goodbye to tangled cables with robert!

struggling with tangled cables? unfortunately, this happens very often with the amount of cables that accumulate in our homes over the years. if you had enough, we will show you how to get rid of the tangles!

spring-cleaning in your beauty area!

the cold season will be coming to an end soon. for organizing-freaks this can only mean one thing: it’s finally time for a decent spring-cleaning!

Is it cold outside? Make it really comfortable for yourself inside!

Winter time. Outside it is cold, wet, dark – simply unpleasant. We just want to withdraw as much as possible into our own four walls

Knitting and crocheting – how to store your wool correctly.

Knitting and crocheting are currently back in trend - in particular with young people.

Organise and store tools: robert & roberta make the perfect couple.

When their tools and materials are well organised, those who love crafts and making things save lots of time on preparation and can concentrate on the job in hand right away.

The perfect use for storage space under the bed.

You can never have enough storage space. It doesn't matter how big your flat or house is, somehow there is never enough space. Because necessity is the mother of invention, with paul, we have come up with an ingenious solution for making the best use of a little extra storage space: under the bed.

DIY at the breakfast table – make your own muesli.

Today nutrition is literally on everybody's lips. It should be healthy and good. And of course it has to taste good too. Our tip: Muesli always tastes a little bit better when you make it yourself!

Picnic recipe: yummy Blueberry Muffins

Summer, sun, sunshine - the summer is ideal for a picnic. And the saying is: Enjoyment to take away! Whether in the park or meeting friends - you can't go wrong with a couple of juicy blueberry muffins up your sleeve.

So long, winter – hello, spring!

At last. Spring is kicking in. The air's getting warmer, the grass is greener, and clothes are more colourful. And on that note ... Isn't this a good opportunity to update your wardrobe? Out with the winter stuff, in with the summer gear!

comfort food 4.0

“Who has been eating from my plate?” Just like the second dwarf in Snow White, every employee has definitely asked themselves the same question when it comes to the joys of a communal fridge.

Pack your snacks in your rucksack.

On a day trip to the zoo or the amusement park, you can’t forget about snacks. We all know fresh air makes you hungry.

Home Improvement.

It happens every weekend: garages, basements, or garden sheds are a handyman’s favourite playground.

Organised just right!

Organisation is half the battle. And even those who don’t like to tidy up can avoid chaos and disorder right from the beginning with these five tips!

Existing Envelope.

Fold T-shirts in 3 seconds. It’s not a trick of the light, that’s really how fast it is...

Come on, kids, we’re playing tidy up!

Playful tidying even makes it fun for reluctant children. Here are five suggestions for (more) order in the kid’s room.