No fear of separation

swantje may have a really big mouth, but looks totally tops from the outside. Could be a welcome addition to our home.” When Karo heard this sentence from her Andi, she suffered a brief pang of jealousy. But then he led her gaze to the dustbin sets from keeeper. It quickly became clear that Karo need not fear a split-up with this new member of the family – even if separation is exactly what this babe is for. With these practical dustbins, waste baskets and multipurpose products, waste separation becomes a clean affair – and can even be real fun.

Our separation team

swantje loves organic, magne likes the rest: Waste separation with keeeper products is intuitive – at home or at work.

Sure thing: keeeper products are first and foremost designed for people who store things, sustainably transport them, keep them fresh, collect them, etc. But a little waste will still incur even with real keeepers. To dispose of it as eco-friendly as possible, the old adage applies: A tidy house, a tidy mind. The newspaper goes into the paper recycling, packaging into the “yellow sack”, and fruit peels go into the organic waste bin– everything separated nice and neat, for the sake of the environment!

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Which bin do I need?

The size also has a role to play for the separation, naturally. But: “The bigger the better” is really not that advisable here. While a large household is sure to regret buying a small 30-litre bin, an excessively large one that is infrequently emptied could encourage the presence of unpleasant smells in the kitchen. A bin capacity of 10 – 30 litres will usually suffice for up to three people, while families of four will better go for a 30 – 40-litre bin, and households with five or more persons are best served with a 40–60-litre container. Lucky that we have an adequate selection ready for you.

By the way: The tips for perfect sizes only relate to kitchen waste. The bathroom will manage with a more compact design able to hold up to 10 litres. And 30 litres will generally be quite enough for the study or bedroom. Our recommendation for you: choose wisely!

the separation professionals

You prefer multifunctionality and cleanliness in the true sense of the word, and want to do the environment a favour with not that much effort? In which case a kitchen bin with two compartments and a foot pedal would be just perfect for you. With torge and gunnar, you can separate your organic waste from the rest. The obvious benefits: You won’t need to open the bin with your hands, and the firmly closing lid will keep bad smells under control.

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