tips for more sustainability in your everyday life

living sustainably means conserving resources. but what does sustainable living look like in our everyday life?

Apfelernte im Kunststoffkorb

Overall we produce too much waste in western countries. Single-use products, unnecessary packaging and food that is thrown away because it has spoiled. The avoidance of waste and the re-use of raw materials through recycling are important aspects of combating this!

1. avoid packaging and single – use products where possible

nachhaltig leben bedeutet weniger Verpackungsmüll. Prep Meal, Fahrradfahren, Einkaufen ohne Plastiktüten zu brauchen

There are many ways to reduce waste in our everyday lives. Packing shopping into the ‘lea’ folding box and carrying prepared food in ‘luca’ click boxes avoids plastic bags and unnecessary packaging waste.

• Use your own storage boxes and bags or buy unpackaged goods in special shops or at your weekly market. When it comes to drinks it is better to use bottles that can be returned for a deposit than single-use PET bottles.
• Use long-lasting cloth bags, nets or folding boxes when you go shopping instead of plastic bags. Try to choose products without elaborate packaging.
• It is better to prepare your lunchtime meal or sandwich at home and bring it to school, university or work in re-usable lunchboxes or sandwich containers instead of eating a ready meal at lunchtime. Take your drinks in your own containers too, instead of using a takeaway coffee cup.

2. use your food up

• If you ever buy too much food or if the fruit and vegetable harvest from your garden is really good then you can freeze the excess food to eat later or cook it to preserve it.
• Plan your shopping carefully, store the products so you can see them clearly and keep an eye on shelf life.

3. when you go shopping look for fair and sustainable products and short transport routes

Obst und Gemüse lässt sich gut auf Wochenmärkten kaufen.

Weekly markets offer regional products. (

• Look for organic, fair-trade and sustainability labels as well as the blue angel eco-label
• Give preference to regional manufacture and seasonal products

4. sort waste in order to produce recyclable materials

Mülltrennung und Recycling schont die Ressourcen.

Waste sorting conserves resources. ‘magne’ waste containers are available in different sizes and colours. (

• If you sort waste correctly then you are protecting the environment. Organic waste and residue waste, glass and plastic/packaging and waste paper must be sorted. Never dispose of batteries or medication in your household waste! Electrical waste should also be collected and handed in to collection points.
• Find out more about recycling here.

5. try to reduce your energy consumption

• Ride your bike, walk or use public transport whenever possible.
• Is your heating on full power all day – even though you are not at home for 10 hours a day? Are your windows open for hours while the heating is on?
• Check the electrical devices in your home: how often do you use the dryer? Laundry can also be left to air dry after washing.

sustainability and environmental protection are issues that concern us all – after all climate change and its consequences are some of the most important topics of our time

Die Boxen der ECO-Line von keeeper sind mit dem Label

keeeper ECO-Line boxes carry the blue angel eco label. (

Responsibility begins with manufacturing, because environmental protection is an issue that concerns us all. That is why we at keeeper believe that thinking and acting sustainably is vital to our existence. That is why we have undertaken the task of manufacturing innovative, high quality, safe and re-usable products.

robust. durable. toxin-free. suitable for everyday life. these are the properties we look for.

In order to fulfil our strict requirements for quality and durability we only manufacture our products using the latest technology. All keeeper products come with a 10-year guarantee. More than 99 % of our products that are destined for the European market are also manufactured in Europe. This keeps environmental impact as low as possible, due to the shorter transport routes. All our products are subject to the strictest production standards.

a blue angel for keeeper’s eco-line

the eco-line products by keeeper are the ideal alternative for environmentally conscious households. they are made of 100% recycled plastic (procyclen) and thus conserve resources. procyclen is a high quality regranulate, make from recycled packaging materials. the ecological benefit is a reduction in climate-damaging greenhouse gases.
the keeeper eco-line has been certified for its use of resource-conserving recycling plastics and for sustainable consumption and thus fulfils the demanding criteria of the globally successful environmental ‘blue angel’ eco-label. the certified products are made of pure polypropylene. they are not contaminated with other plastics that contain environmentally harmful or hazardous substances.

Keep on recycling!

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