tips for more storage space in the kitchen

 The kitchen can be a tight squeeze when it comes to space and storage for appliances, crockery, spices and cooking utensils. but with a few tips, you can make good use of the available space.

Junge Frau in aufgeräumter Küche

The first rule for sufficient storage space in the kitchen: every object must have its own place. This saves time during cooking and provides more space. In addition, a tidy kitchen looks much more homely.

1. get rid of the things that don’t belong there!

The kitchen is usually the central meeting place. It is therefore often a collection point for all kinds of things: opened mail, newspapers, purses, keys, pens, notes … Often there is a drawer in the kitchen cupboard where everything is thrown in that has no proper place to be stored. Here it is necessary to clean out everything: get rid of the batteries, braces, … Sort everything where it really makes sense.

2. all kitchen utensils and food need a suitable place.

After that, all kitchen items also get a fixed place, the aim is to leave the worktop as free as possible. Cutlery belongs in the cutlery drawer, food is neatly sorted into the designated cupboards and drawers. Make sure that everything really does have a sensible place to be stored.

3. what do i really need frequently?

Many appliances are permanently placed on the worktop without being used frequently. Is the egg boiler only used at the weekend? And how often do you use the toaster? How often do you use the kettle or the mixer? Consider whether you can put the appliances back in the kitchen cupboard after use. The kitchen will look more spacious and tidy.
However, large kitchen appliances such as the microwave, coffee maker or stand mixer should have a permanent place on the worktop or in the cupboard for daily use.

4. making the most of sink cabinets

Sink cupboards usually contain cleaning rags, sponges and detergents. Since these cannot be stacked, a lot of valuable space is wasted. If you mount a rod at the back inside the sink cabinet, you can hang the cleaners there. Stackable baskets (like “fred” or “fritz“) and transparent boxes (“bea“) can help you stack a lot on top of each other and still be able to see the contents of the boxes.

5. structure your drawers

Almost everyone has a drawer or two in their kitchen where kitchen tools or essentials like baking paper, plastic bags and oven mitts are piled up. Organise your drawers so that nothing gets mixed up. Drawer inserts, cutlery trays and boxes are helpful. With the help of matching drawer and cabinet solutions, cutlery can be sorted, spices lined up and large oil bottles carefully stowed away.


Besteckkästen und Ordnungssystemefür Ordnung uin der Küche

A cutlery box with a sliding additional compartment (“filippa“) and the “pepe” drawer organiser are practical. With “pepe” you can arrange your compartments individually.

6. food storage

Another challenge in small kitchens is the storage of food bags. Baking ingredients, bagged soup, pasta as well as muesli toppings. Cereal tins, lifestyle boxes or plastic baskets provide a good overview.

Lifestyle Boxen und Schüttdosen sortieren den Inhalt der Küchenschränke

Labelling the “lotta” lifestyle boxes helps to keep things tidy in the long run. Spices, cereals and baking ingredients are kept fresh and easily visible in the “bruni” bulk tins. Another particularly practical feature of “bruni” is that you can stack them safely.

7. where to put the spices?

There are also ways to hang spices or cups under hanging shelves as well as cupboards. For spices, we recommend a magnetic bar underneath the cupboard and small magnets on the heads of the screw-top jars.

8. discipline is a must

After tidying up is before tidying up ?. Make sure every day that the work surfaces are not cluttered again. The kitchen is a constant challenge. But you’ll see, cooking is much more fun in a tidy kitchen.

keep on cooking!

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