5 tips for an organized household

Does housework ever get in the way of your life? Once the chaos is too big, cleaning it up becomes a major project.

tidy home


With a few basic rules you can easily keep your apartment in order. If you follow these 5 tips, you will soon find that a tidy household is easy to achieve. All it takes is the will to change and a little self-discipline.


1. get used to doing some small tidying up jobs daily and directly

Make your bed in the morning, put your laundry directly into the laundry basket, always put dishes in the dishwasher and put every thing you have in your hand back into its designated place:
For example, use the ten minutes in the morning before you leave the apartment. You will be amazed how much you can do in ten minutes!


2. establish rules of order

You can create more order if each object has its own fixed place. Perhaps you know this: you are fully dressed and under time pressure, but the key cannot be found. For example, make sure your bunch of keys is in a fixed place near the front door. Get into the habit of always keeping the keys there. Also other things often have no fixed place or sorting letters, newspapers, recharging cables etc. seems to be too time-consuming.

Order is usually a matter of habit. 

Often a storage container such as the stacking basket „jonas“ helps to get order. Decorative and practical are, for example, the „lotta“lifestyle boxes, which can be used as newspaper stands or for other odds and ends like cosmetics, jewellery and pens.

mini storage baskets "lotta" for cosmetics
Mini storage baskets or lifestyle boxes (here „lotta“) create order and are decorative.

3. dispose of unnecessary things and create a designated space for everything necessary

Remove things that you do not use (anymore). Whether it is clothes, books or other knick-knacks: Dispose of things that only serve as dust catchers. It creates order, air and it does you good to get rid of space-consuming ballast. The remaining things get a permanent place. So that everything can be put back directly into its intended place after use.

4. creates structure. Organize your closets, keep your dirty laundry separate


If you have a lot of dirty laundry, it is worthwhile to purchase several laundry collectors. Sort the dirty laundry regularly by colour into the designated laundry hamper, for example in „per“. Then there is no need to sort the laundry before the wash and you have a good overview of when enough laundry has been collected for a load of washing machines.


laundry cllector "per" and lifestyle-Boxes "lotta"
Laundry collectors „per“ and lifestyle boxes „lotta“ make sorting easier.

Organise your cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom.

Sort the odds and ends into matching storage boxes. Storage containers (boxes or baskets) are available in many sizes and can hold the spice jars in the kitchen cupboard next to each other or even store the hair ties and nail polish bottles in the bathroom.


Storage boxes create space

The things you rarely need (winter clothes, etc.) can be put in larger crystalboxes like „cornelia“ or  „bea“ and stored in the attic / storage room.

storage boxes "cornelia" and "bea" are the best for clothes
With the storage boxes „cornelia“ (left) and  „bea“ (right) seasonal furniture and clothes can be stored neatly.

5. plan your meals and shopping.

Create a menu for the coming week and then buy everything you need. This way I always have everything at home and don’t have to go out all the time to get something else. This saves you time and money.

freezer boxes "mia polar"
In the „mia-polar“ freezer boxes you can freeze pre-cooked or fresh food portion by portion.

You can plan your meals so that they last for two days or you can freeze some portions. On stressful days you can simply take a pre-cooked portion out of the freezer.

Smart stockpiling saves time, money and waste.

Keep on organizing!