The perfect use for storage space under the bed.

Stauraum unter dem Bett perfekt ausnutzen

You can never have enough storage space. It doesn’t matter how big your flat or house is, somehow there is never enough space. Because necessity is the mother of invention, with paul, we have come up with an ingenious solution for making the best use of a little extra storage space: under the bed.

paul is the ideal companion for this dark underworld. The paul storage box is shallow and equipped with rollers. The rollers have two key benefits: they make it easier to push the full box in and out, and they protect wooden and laminate floors.

More storage space – more paul.
You can position paul flexibly depending on how big your bed is: measuring 80 x 60 cm in area and 18 cm in height, you can park the box lengthways or widthways under the bed, however it fits best. The further it disappears under the bed, the more invisible it is. And luckily the rollers make it easy.

Needless to say, paul also has a lid. This is an especially useful utensil in the space under the bed, which can often be dusty. Thanks to paul, your worldly goods such as clothes, bedding, craft supplies, toys etc. are stored in air-tight containers, protecting them ideally against dust.

Listen up, sewing fans!
paul is also ideal for storing fabrics – his large area means that you do not have to fold them up like an origami expert only to have to iron them flat again before you can use them.

hannah: paul’s big sister.
We would also like to introduce hannah: at 60 x 40 cm, hannah has a more compact base area than paul, and is around twice as tall as her little brother, at 35 cm. hannah is also equipped with rollers. She might not fit under a normal bed, but she does under a higher bed, for example, and is also ideal for children who want to use hannah as a toy box and push her from A to B without any help from mum or dad. And because kids usually have a lot of toys, they need a lot of hannahs – just like paul, the box can be stacked to save space.

All we can say is: keep on rolling!