spring-cleaning in your beauty area!


the cold season will be coming to an end soon. for organizing-freaks this can only mean one thing: it’s finally time for a decent spring-cleaning! in our homes and therefore our lives we are getting rid of unnecessary ballast, so that we can start into spring with fresh energy. today we are beginning with whipping our vanity-table into shape.

Used brushes, half-empty creams or nail polishes that have never been touched – in the course of time we collect many things in our vanity-tables that we should have sorted out a long time ago. With spring-cleaning time has come for a new structure.

storing quickly, stacked quickly, retrieved quickly.

To make things easier for you, we have three quick tips for your clean-up-day.

1. For hygienic reasons cleaning your brushes regularly is very important, because they contain rests of make-up. You can use special brush-cleaners from the drugstore or simply a gentle baby shampoo from your kids. After cleaning, your brushes will look shiny and new and can now be placed in the first lotta box.

2. From old to new! Broken powder and dried out nail polish can easily be repaired and reused. Add two or three drops of nail polish remover to your old nail polish to make it liquid again. Carefully drop it into the bottle, shake vigorously – done! 🙂 Now that your favourites are saved, they can make themselves comfortable in the second lotta box and wait for their duty.

3. You have a lot of unused or unopened beauty products lying around your vanity-table? Determine your essentials and sort out everything you don’t use, according to the motto “clean space, clean mind”! You will be rewarded with a neat vanity-table and also happy girlfriends – because they for sure will be happy to receive one of your sort-outs as a gift. Your remaining favourites can be presented in the last lotta box and will always be ready to hand. Because sometimes less is more! 🙂

practical and lovable – the lotta beauty tower

Finally, your three lotta boxes can be stacked on top of each other. This doesn’t only look great, it also saves valuable space. The boxes are available in red, graphite and cream – you are spoiled for choice. Or do it just like us and take one box of each color. There are no limits to your creativity. Now we wish you a lot of fun with arranging, sorting, testing and, of course, stacking! 🙂

keep it beautiful!