say goodbye to tangled cables with robert!


struggling with tangled cables? unfortunately, this happens very often with the amount of cables that accumulate in our homes over the years. if you had enough, we will show you how to get rid of the tangles!

Everybody knows this problem: In your last spring-cleaning you have neatly rolled up and stowed all your cables, but over time they have all tangled again – how annoying! All that’s left, is a box where you can’t find anything, especially not what you are searching for. The way out of the crisis is very simple, though. All you need is our strong robert storage box, some paper rolls, colorful masking tape and a pen.

Step 1

robert will put an end to tangled cables.

Welcome to the fastest tutorial in the world: Roll each of your cables loosely and put a simple paper roll over it. Now you can label them, so that next time you will know which cable is inside, immediately.

The colorful masking tape on the one hand serves as a decoration, on the other hand you can also create a color-coded system for your cables – just as you like. We recommend using a certain color for every cable type. A strip of blue masking tape? This is clearly a charging cable! Red? Hey, there is the extension cable I was looking for!

Step 3

Now that the cables are neatly sorted they can be placed in our robert box. A professional tip: You can also label the box itself with masking tape. Then, when you stack one robert on top of the other you will still find everything in the twinkling of an eye. 🙂

Step 4

think outside the box!

Don’t put your masking tape too far away yet. Even for cables in use, the tape can be more than useful. Simply put a piece of tape at the end of the cable, and label it with its purpose. Now, even if all cables are in the power strip, you do not lose track. 🙂

keep on rolling!