recycling at home – optimum waste separation with the right bins

recycling of paper, glass and metal

Paper, plastic, glass: recycling and separating our household waste is good for the Earth, and recycling is one of the fundamental issues with regard to environmental protection. In recent years, the awareness of the need to recycle and avoid waste has increased considerably all over the world. With the right bins and containers, waste separation is easy and effective. Using the right containers also keeps everything hygienic and clean.

you should have bins for non-recyclable household waste, containers for collecting recyclable materials as well as hygienic containers for organic waste in your home.

residual & organic waste

Smaller waste bins such as swantje or rasmus are a good choice for small and medium-sized households, as well as smelly waste. As they need to be emptied more often, they prevent the development of unpleasant smells.

Moreover, bins for non-recycling and organic waste should also preferably be equipped with a lid to prevent nasty smells. There are various versions with lids. A flip top lid, for example, automatically swings back into position after it has been opened.

Pedal bin for organic and nopn-recyclable wasteWaste separation with gunnar: organic & residual waste in one container

pedal bins are a particularly hygienic way to dispose of waste, especially if you don’t happen to have a hand free. The foot operated opening mechanism by means of a pedal ensures that the lid lifts automatically. Pedal bins with two removable waste containers are a particularly practical choice. keeeper offers gunnar and torge. Thanks to their understated design, they blend in visually in almost all kitchens. Using a twin pedal bin is a good way to make it easy to separate your waste and takes up less space.


paper, plastic, metal, glass…

waste bin in three sizeswaste bin  magne is available in three practical sizes

With the  magne waste separation system, keeeper offer the perfect waste separation solution.  magne is available in three sizes and five colours. The lid works like the lid of a flip top bin, but it can also be lifted up like a normal lid. These bins have a timeless design and are hygienic and functional. The different colours on the lids make waste separation as easy as one, two, three!


collection container for transporting recyclables

Transparent, stackable plastic boxes make it easy to sort and store waste.Here,  luis euro boxes are used to collect recyclable materials.

Bulky or larger volumes of recyclable waste such as used glass or paper can also be excellently collected in plastic boxes. The euro box  luis is perfect for collecting used paper and glass, metal or also electronic waste. The transparent, stackable plastic boxes make it easier to sort and store waste. The handy grips make it less of an effort to carry the boxes to public containers for recyclables or recycling facilities.


recyclable packaging waste

Waste separation and recyclingClever waste disposal & waste separation with  ole

refuse bag system  ole is ideal for very large bin bags. The stable bin bag holderfeatures an integrated clamp mechanism that firmly holds the bin bag in place. The lid ensures that the bin bag opening is kept securely closed so no unpleasant smells can develop. The bottom of the bin bag holder features a convenient solid drip tray, so the floor stays clean even if the bag leaks. An integrated storage compartment for a roll of bin bags is another practical “plus”.


recycling is good & important, but avoiding waste is even better

Avoiding household waste already starts with the way you shop. For example, using reusable fabric shopping bags, practical fold flat crates and baskets rather than plastic carrier bags avoids plastic waste. You don’t necessarily have to wrap up your sandwich and the rest of your lunch in disposable plastic wrapping to take it to work with you. Using a lunch box or a food storage container produces less packaging waste, and both will keep your food wonderful

keep on recycling!