Finally without a diaper – with the right potty and small rewards potty training succeeds

Usually between the second and third birthday, toddlers begin to take an interest in the subject of the potty. But at this point, at the latest, questions arise: How do we start potty training? What equipment do we need?

Töpfchentraining mit dem Potty kasimir

When is the child ready to give up the diaper?

When the child’s development has reached the point where he or she no longer needs a diaper, you can recognize this through different signs. For example, the little one shows interest in the toilet. For example, he or she would like to sit on the toilet himself or herself one day. Another sign of maturity is that the child itself notices when the diaper is full and at best lets you know. At some point, the little ones will say on their own that they don’t want a diaper anymore. If you pay attention to these signs, you and your offspring can approach the topic of getting dry in a relaxed manner.

At the beginning it often has to go very fast

At first, there is hardly any time between “realizing that I have to” and “it’s already happened”. Every second counts. Make it easy for your child. Make sure your offspring can dress and undress themselves. Bodies can now permanently disappear from the closet. Comfortable underpants and undershirts are much more suitable now. In the summer, the little ones can also dash around without clothes or just with underpants without any problems. So-called potty training pants can also be used. These have an absorbent core or layer that can absorb a certain amount of liquid. If the little ones don’t make it to the toilet fast enough, these panties can prevent everything from being flooded right away.

A practical baby pot that will also please your child

It is an advantage if your child likes the potty or toilet seat and enjoys sitting on it. Maybe you buy the potty together or the potty is a gift that the toddler is allowed to unwrap. From a parent’s perspective, ease of cleaning and the safety aspect play a big role. Smooth, rounded surfaces, slip resistance and easy handling are the most important buying arguments. A combination baby pot like the potty 4in1 has the advantage of “growing with” the child. Depending on the developmental stage of the little ones, it is a baby potty or a toilet seat. In addition, the potty 4in1 includes a step stool that allows your child to comfortably reach the sink or toilet.

The right equipment:

Potty training usually includes a potty and later a toilet attachment. When buying a potty, make sure that your child can sit comfortably and that the potty is stable on the floor. An extra wide and rounded rim makes sitting more comfortable because it doesn’t press against baby’s thigh or bottom. The Potty 4in1 also has a compartment for a wet wipe pack. So wipes are also always close at hand after business.

When buying a toilet seat, you should make sure that the seat does not slide back and forth and feels comfortable for your child. In addition, your child should be able to put the toilet seat on the toilet quickly and easily. When using a toilet seat, a small stool is also necessary in the long run for independent “climbing” the toilet. With the potty 4in1 the step stool is immediately included.

Whether potty or toilet seat – often both are needed.

Often the first attempts are made on the potty. The potty can also be used in the nursery, garden or living room. It can also be integrated into role-playing games and has a safe seat height for the little ones.

When the child has become more confident and would like to try the toilet, the toilet seat comes into play. The non-slip pads prevent slipping away on the toilet seat. The bottom part of the potty now becomes a practical step stool. Here, too, an anti-slip coating keeps the stool from slipping away. The tread surface is sufficiently large and tread resistant.


toilettensitz kasimir

The 4in1 potty kasimir can also be used as a toilet seat.

The best tips in potty training

Also important for the success of diaper weaning is praise or a little surprise when something has landed in the potty. It can be perhaps a small treat or a “real” tattoo that adorns the arm. Another idea is to name your child the king or queen who sits on the majestic throne. A golden crown made of solid paper can be put on it. How convenient that such motivational aids are already included in the potty 4in1!


A small children’s tattoo to stick on is a nice reward for successful potty use.

Don’t take the subject too seriously and don’t put pressure on your child. You will see that it is then much more relaxed and it works faster than you suspect.

By the way, you will also find the kasimir 4 in 1 baby pot in our Amazon- Brandstore.

Keep on training with kasimir!

You can also watch the video here

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