potty training with keeeper


suddenly the time has come… faster than you think. we’re talking about the time after nappies when our little ones get bigger and start their potty training. this is an exciting time, both for the parents and the little ones. although we can’t take over the potty training as such for you, we can simplify things a little with tips provided by other parents regarding the matching products. so that at least the product selection doesn’t cause you headaches anymore.

The transition from nappies to the potty is exciting and sometimes accompanied by a few obstacles. But we all know, practice makes perfect, and a little bit of patience also doesn’t harm when training the little ones. Regarding potty training, a total of 30 families could test a keeper product set consisting of our baby potty “adam”, toilet seat “ewa” and step stool “igor”. They subsequently reported on their experiences. Their feedback was great. 100 % of the testers would recommend the products to others. The families especially liked the design. Sure, a product’s design also plays a role, and when Winnie, Elsa, Minnie or Mickey are in the bathroom, the little ones and the adults have a good feeling – which definitely simplifies every task to be mastered.

quality, usefulness and price.

Parents know: safety is the name of the game when it comes to children’s products. Needless to say, this is an important criterion for keeeper, because we know that mum and dad already have enough cares with their little ones as it is – so we don’t want them to have to worry about the potty, toilet seat, step stool and co., too. The miBaby test families were also really happy with the quality and usefulness of the keeeper products and, after mentioning the design, they emphasized these product properties as being particularly notable. A female tester summarized: “I find the products great. They are very safe as regards their production and also look really nice.” Another mother said: “My child loves the new keeper products. She is proud of them and doesn’t want to hand them over!”

keep it daily.

96 % of the children fell in love with the keeeper products and use them a lot every day. The step stool “igor” is used most frequently, allowing independent hand-washing or convenient and simple climbing onto the toilet seat.  This is followed by the potty “adam” and the toilet seat “ewa”. No wonder, after all, 96 % observed that the three products were very simple to use and convenient for their child. Therefore 91 % of the parents are all the happier that the new items in their bathroom are so easy to clean and maintain.

The good impression is also reflected in the stars awarded: 61 % of the testers would give the keeper products a total of 5 stars, and 39 % award 4 stars. A great result, and we at keeeper are also very happy and of course incredibly proud.