Pack your snacks in your rucksack.


On a day trip to the zoo or the amusement park, you can’t forget about snacks. We all know fresh air makes you hungry.

Whether it’s the summer holidays or a weekend trip… day trips with the whole family are usually long-planned highlights, ones that everyone enjoys. It’s all planned days in advance, and this planning also covers the catering, of course. Travel provisions are important!

Every family has their favourite things that they simply must have. From burgers and potato salad to sandwiches and filled rolls, to sweet delicacies such as cakes and chocolate – on a day like this, anything tasty is allowed.

In order to pack your rucksack or cool bag clearly, cleanly, hygienically, and to save as much space as possible, packing fresh food should be well thought-through. Fresh storage boxes should always be the right size, different foods should be packed separately, so that their smell is contained, and the smell of cold burgers or strong cheeses can’t spread.