Organised just right!

Ordnung ist das halbe Leben

Organisation is half the battle. And even those who don’t like to tidy up can avoid chaos and disorder right from the beginning with these five tips!

The principal is incredibly simple. The more stuff you have, the great the danger of chaos and disorder. That what the following tips are based upon:

1. Do I really need that?
Before you buy something, think carefully about whether you really need it, because the principle is incredibly simple: Je The more stuff you have, the greater the danger of chaos and disorder.

2. Is that art, or can it go?
Look through every room, cupboard, and drawer once with open eyes. For each item, ask yourself whether or not you need it, or if it has special memories for you. Particularly when people have children, they want to keep everything. Limit the mementoes to a few very special pieces – and take a photo of the rest. Then you can still remember them.

3. Borrow the pasta maker from friends!
There are things that you need so rarely that it is worth thinking about simply borrowing them. Whether it’s a pasta maker, laminator, or mincer, if you use something less than once a month, you could almost certainly borrow it from an acquaintance or friend.

4. Digitalise yourself!
Whether it’s books, films, or music, you can buy everything digitally with the right technical equipment. The advantage: It’s immediate, it is usually cheaper than its physical counterpart, and takes up absolutely no storage space. Particularly when it comes to books… give yourself a jolt. Not every book can be a favourite, and you hardly read any more than once. Gift, sell, or donate a selection of your books.

5. Out with the old, in with the new.
So that the kid’s room doesn’t overflow, make a rule that for every new toy, stuffed animal, or piece of clothing that you buy, another must be thrown out.

6. Store well, save space.
Savvy storage: We have clever products for you that you can stack, which come in bright colours or are transparent and are accessible from every side. Anyway you like!