Organise and store tools: robert & roberta make the perfect couple.

When their tools and materials are well organised, those who love crafts and making things save lots of time on preparation and can concentrate on the job in hand right away.

After all, crafts are supposed to be fun – fun that should not be spoiled by first spending hours finding everything you need.

Because everyone has their own organisation system in their workshop, our robert and roberta are the perfect dream team: robert is the storage box, roberta the lid.

Robust box for tools and more.

robert is a real man. A strong one. He can carry up to 60 kg of weight, depending on which size you choose (60x40x32 cm, 60x40x22 cm, 60x40x12 cm or 40x30x22 cm). That is pretty impressive – ideal for heavy tools etc. And real men can easily lift 60 kg, right?

And just like Jack has his Jill, robert has his roberta. But because robert can also live without roberta, the lid is a separate product that you can buy, but don’t have to. Large tools can sometimes be taller than the box, making a lid unnecessary. If you store your boxes in a shelving system, it can also be useful not to use lids, so that you can immediately see what is in each box without opening it.

But if you want to stack robert, you need roberta as a lid and base. And roberta is also essential if your workshop is very dusty, such as if you work with wood.