OKT is to become keeeper

From leading trade brand to emotional consumer brand

Stemwede, February 2016. Now that OKT has been able to establish itself in the branch and the trade as the market leaders in Germany, and as one of the top 3 in the branch within Europe, it is now time to send out a new signal: with a brand which also generates identification amongst end consumers in particular. And not just that: within the course of the brand launch at the Ambiente 2016, the entire company is to reinvent itself. OKT is to become keeeper!

Keep on keeping, keeeper!
The name reflects the company. Every “e” in the new brand name stands for one of the four brand promises: everybody, everything, everywhere – enjoy living! And for the four product categories kitchen, home, kids and storage.

The signet of the new word-image brand depicts an equally emotional and symbolic motif of a true keeeper: a squirrel, which embodies the characteristic of storing things, and which is popular with young and old.

The brand claim – keep on keeping – acts as both an invitation and confirmation. It can be applied to all product categories and to every target group.

Identification and emotion
keeeper is for everyone! For all those who love being tidy and who love their homes. For all family and home managers who know that it is often the little things which increase our quality of life. We arrange our clothing in wardrobes, sort our nail lacquers into colours, and store our screws according to type and size. We used to stuck photographs into photo albums; today we sort them into digital folders. Of course, sometimes we live in chaos – and yet it feels so much better when everything is tidy again. keeeper represents a “way of life”, and all those who share this concept are true keeepers. The products and the use of these products are the logical result.

Product innovations
Not just the appearance and the name of the company are new. At the Ambiente 2016, keeeper will be presenting a comprehensive portfolio of new products, decorations and colour worlds, all of which are the original true keeepers: the robust and sturdy transport box “luis” with the matching lid “luisa”, the rewritable food storage box “mia memory” in 17 different sizes, the innovative waste bin “magne”, the lid of which is both a hinged and a swing lid, and “bea”, the storage box with a unique air control system. All products are united not just through having their own personal name, which designates them as true keeepers and fans of tidiness, but also through the fact that they are made in high-quality materials, in part using two components. Their area of application in households or when travelling is almost unlimited. For everyone, for everything, everywhere.

keep on keeping, keeeper!
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