How to celebrate a New Year’s Eve party with your kids they’ll remember for a long time to come

New Year's Eve with kids

Have you already finalised your plans for New Year’s Eve? We have compiled eight tips for you on how to celebrate a New Year’s Eve party with your kids they’ll remember for a long time to come.

The best way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids depends on your offspring’s age. Parents of babies and toddlers tend to celebrate at home or at the homes of family members or good friends, as children should be able to go to bed when they get tired.

Party tip 1:

Celebrate with friends; make uncomplicated plans for the evening – they should be appropriate for children

To make the evening more entertaining, invite one or two families to spend the last few hours of the year with you. Perfect are friends that are also parents of children your kids can play with.

Party tip 2:

Wear party outfits

New Year’s Eve is a good reason for a special outfit. The kids can also wear whatever they want, whether their superhero costume from last year’s carnival or a sparkly dress. Particularly a dressing-up box with hats, feather boas, sunglasses, moustaches and wigs ensures plenty of fun. Don’t forget to put a mirror near the costumes. You could maybe prepare a small photo booth where you can take lots of funny photos. If you take photos with a digital camera or a smartphone, you can also look at the pictures together straight away- and even print them on the spot, or later one.


Fotoshooting on New Year´s Eve with funny accessories (boxes find here)
Funny accessories ensure that everyone has lots of fun at a New Year’s Eve party. (Boxes find here)


Party tip 3:

Make New Year’s Eve special with suitable party decorations

Decorate your home with streamers and blow up balloons to get everyone in a party mood. This will soon have your guests playing with the balloons.
What could be more appropriate for a New Year’s Eve party than neon lights? Use glow sticks and fairy lights to decorate yourselves and the table! Simply put a few of them together and drape them around the glasses, cutlery and plates, or put them in the middle of the table in vases. Glow sticks will keep the kids entertained until long after dinner if they can be used to make glasses, necklaces and bracelets, for example. Of course, this means that the room should be dimly lit, or you turn off the lights completely for a while.


Mit Knicklichtern lassen sich lustige Brillen und beleuchtete Getränke zaubern.
Glowing party decorations set the right mood.


Party tip 4:

Party drinks for everyone!

“Unhealthy” drinks are perfectly OK for a change; it’s New Year’s Eve, after all: alcohol-free cocktails are always a hit with kids. Decorate the drinks with cocktail umbrellas and fruit. Impress your kids by serving them their drinks complete with sugared rims and ice cubes.
Party tip 5:

No stress in the kitchen – on New Year’s Eve, anything tasty that kids love is OK

As New Year’s Eve can be quite a long evening, a raclette, fondue or table top barbecue can be a good choice. Everyone can grill their food the way they like it. However, cold buffets, raw vegetable sticks with dips, a selection of cold starters, fresh bread and salad can also make the evening special. Another super highlight is a chocolate fountain where everyone can dip fruit or baguette into molten chocolate.


Party tip 6:

To shorten the wait until midnight, make everyone play, run around and dance

Guessing games, party games or board games will entertain adults and kids alike. You will find more ideas for games at the end of this article. Games for younger children should involve physical exertion. A short egg and spoon run, a variety show performed in costumes or a crafting session, for example making your own crackers, will all help to pass the time.

Make your own crackers: fill several cardboard rolls from toilet paper with small sweets and confetti.
Wrap a thin layer of wrapping or silk paper around the filled rolls. They should look like oversized boiled sweets, so tie some ribbon or wool around the protruding, open sides of the paper. To “pop” them, just throw the crackers from one person to the next; at some point, there’ll be two people pulling at the same cracker, which will make the paper tear and the contents spill out.


Party tip 7

Dance your heart out!

You should definitely make up a playlist with danceable songs beforehand. Make sure that it also includes the kids’ favourite songs. You can dance and at the same time throw some balloons in the air. The aim of the game is to keep the balloons in the air for as long as possible.


Dancing and Motions makes fun on New Year´s Eve
A party with children should definitely include plenty of running around and dancing.


Party tip 8:

Bangers or fireworks

For most children, letting of fireworks at midnight is the highlight of the evening. It’s usually enough to just watch the spectacular displays in the cold night air – you don’t have to set off fireworks yourself. Totally “fire-free” indoor table top fireworks like party bombs and sparklers can also create the right mood and keep children from playing with potentially dangerous fireworks. Smaller children are bound to enjoy playing with fun snaps, confetti and glow lights, which are completely safe.
New Year’s Eve is often too long for smaller children. If they can’t read the time yet, letting off some fireworks early might be a good idea. After that, you can put the little ones to bed.
With these eight ideas for a wild New Year’s Eve party, you and your kids are bound to have lots of fun – and you’ll start the new year in a good mood!


Keep on celebrating New Years Eve!


Party games for kids and adults:

Rag trade
Fill a sack with old or funny clothes. Take turns to throw a die. Whenever a player throws a six, they have to blindly put their hand in the sack and pull out something which they then have to put on. Even very small children love this game.

Name that tune
Everyone thinks of a song, whether a children’s song, a folk song or one of the latest hits. The person that starts hums the melody for the others. The person who guesses the name of the song is the next to hum their song. This guessing game is suitable for all age groups.

Cotton ball race
Anyone can throw a ball, but try blowing a ball substitute across an obstacle course! First of all, lay out a track and erect some obstacles. Each player is given a straw and a ball of cotton wool. The players attempt the course in turns. Each player goes down on all fours at the starting line, puts the straw into their mouth and places the cotton wool ball in front of them. After the start signal, the “athlete” moves the cotton wool ball along the obstacle course by blowing through their straw. Use a stopwatch to determine the time each player takes. The fastest blower wins the game. Tip: Design the course according to the age of the players: older children will enjoy the challenge of blowing their ball up some stairs, for example. You can also simply mark out a line on the floor with adhesive tape which the ball of cotton wool must not cross. If it does, the player has to start again or gets a penalty point.

What’s my name?
This guessing game can be adapted to suit the age of the players. Even adults find it entertaining. The youngest player begins and thinks of a famous person. The others have to guess the name of this person by asking clever questions. The only answers allowed are “yes” or “no”. The person that guesses the right answer is allowed to think of the next name to be guessed. With pre-school children, this game can be played with animals to make the answers easier to guess.

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