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Ambiente 2019

Innovation & Inspiration from keeeper

The Ambiente in Frankfurt am Main is the most important consumer goods fair in the world and therefore also a major event for keeeper GmbH. At the Frankfurt exhibition centre, the specialist for plastic storage solutions, kitchen products and kids products will be presenting its trendy product concepts in the brand new hall 12.1. With its expansive contemporary panorama windows and stylish atmosphere, the new exhibition hall is the perfect location for exhibiting and showing new products.

The plastic product company will be exhibiting its new products at the fair in Frankfurt am Main, which is held from 8 to 12 February 2019, at a cleverly designed stand. The multi-award winning manufacturer of a wide range of goods is well-known for practical home gadgets that are functional yet also beautifully designed. The company’s product portfolio impresses with stylish colours and unique product features that differentiate its products from others on the market. Entirely true to the motto “get inspired”, keeeper will be presenting its useful products that make everyday life just that little bit easier and its trendy kitchen utensils at the Ambiente 2019 in Hall 12.1, Stand B09. The creative new product developments will be shown in home settings that illustrate the way these practical and trendy solutions can be used in everyday situations.

KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2019

The keeeper range of high-quality and stylish kitchen collection products, already well-established at the PoS, is an important part of the company’s portfolio. Several products, such as the citrus press “valentina” or the pouring jare “bruni“, have won an Initiative LifeCare KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2019 award, a seal of approval by consumers for consumers. The jury focused particularly on the criteria of quality, product usefulness and design. The mixing bowl set “marla” also won the accolade “Golden Award – Best of the Best“. The jury always focuses on practicality (how easy the products are to use in the kitchen), improved safety and better handling. The company’s modern designs are timeless, and its useful and functional kitchen products are well-thought-out down to the last detail.

he company’s cereal jar “antonio” is yet another award-winning product. It has won a “Product of the Year” pro-K award for its innovativeness and functionality. The German plastic products association’s pro-K award is awarded to high-quality plastic products. It is the only award scheme in this field. The awards are presented by an independent jury on the basis of the criteria of innovation, design and functionality.

The company’s home and storage product categories also feature trendy and practical products that make everyday life easier. The focus is on ergonomics, a robust finish, practicality and individual design.

New inspirations at the PoS

keeeper will also be presenting new creative marketing solutions for the point of sale: four trendy seasonal topics that inspire needs and emotions and encourage customers to purchase. The campaign concepts “Coming Home”, “Making Space”, “Leaving Rooms” and “Working Base” boost sales with seasonal and authentic storytelling and matching marketing materials. The innovative product displays, shelf headers, shelf wobblers and hanging displays facilitate optimum sales floor design and will catch the attention of the customers, which will in turn boost sales. “We are looking forward to presenting the modern home environment settings and the new marketing concepts to our retail partners,” says CEO Mike Carlos Wolf. “Both in technical as well as communication and information terms, we are doing everything we can to raise the consumer awareness of our brand and products – for example with catalogues or eye-catching PoS elements, however also by engaging with consumers online and in social media. We are convinced that in the long term, everyone will benefit from the new established keeeper brand: both the retailers as well as the consumers, and also keeeper as a company,” Wolf says, talking about the future.

keeeper: emotional consumer brand

The brand name keeeper already expresses the brand’s architecture and promise. The repetitions of the letter “e” reflect the four brand promises: everybody, everything, everywhere – enjoy living! keeeper products really are for everybody, everything and everywhere, and also fun to use. They have one purpose only: to be useful to their users. They are intended to make everyday life easier for the users and to be enjoyed by them. keeeper is a “way of life”, and everyone that subscribes to this concept is a keeeper. The extensive product portfolio has been divided into the four product categories kitchen, home, storage and kids. Each category features a different colour, key visual and claim in order to create a structure that is clear and easy to follow. An emotional and highly symbolic motif was chosen for the brand’s wordmark and logo: a squirrel, which everyone associates with the concept of “storage”. It is also as popular with children as it is with adults.

Get some inspiration from keeeper and visit us in Hall 12.1, Stand B09.

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