“keep on working” is what it’s now called for rebecca. in the blog she tells what she experienced on her first day at keeeper as an apprentice.

hello, my name is rebecca and i started my dual studies for a bachelor of arts in business administration at keeeper on august 1, 2019.

On the eve of the first apprentice day, the excitement slowly grew, because I had some questions on my mind. What was coming up to me there? What are the new colleagues like? Do I enjoy the training?
But shortly after the start at nine o’clock the nervousness was taken away from me. All the apprentices, trainers and employees I met that day were very nice and helpful. I quickly felt at home as part of the team. At the beginning, interesting presentations were given by the training manager and some trainees. The main focus was on what keeeper GmbH is all about and what we can expect in the near future during the apprenticeship.

i learned for example, why keeeper use is a cute squirrel in the logo: it collects and stores food for the winter.

keeeper produces storage boxes and food container. in the household, children’s room, kitchen and workshop, things can be collected, sorted, stored and transported with keeeper products.

The entire training team with all trainees was presented.

The entire training team with all trainees was presented.

This was followed by a round of introductions. I particularly liked the fact that a permanent contact person from the second year of training was selected for each of us, whom we can always ask about everything to do with training.
Afterwards, all four new trainees were allowed to go on a big discovery tour through the company with two trainees who had been with keeeper for some time. I was particularly impressed by the pleasant and familiar atmosphere in all areas.
And this first impression was also confirmed when we “newcomers” set off at noon with all the trainees and some trainers on the way to mini golf together. The food waiting for us there was super delicious. We had the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

(vl) Johannes, Luca, me and Talisa. We are the “new” apprentices at keeeper

Around half past three I went home with a very good feeling. Now I’m really looking forward to the next time when I can get to know keeeper very well and I’m looking forward to all the challenges that will come.

keep on working!

If you are also interested in training with keeeper, then apply here.