Meal prep – yesterday’s soup is today’s trend!

“Meal Preparation” or meal prep for short sounds fancy, but is no more than clever precooking.  Especially in view of sustainable lifestyles and healthy balanced diets, the subject is increasingly moving into focus again. Anyone with little time for cooking during the week will be able to positively affect their everyday life and diet with this trend:

Meal Prep lässt sich zuhause sehr gut vorbereiten
tino ist eine dichte Frischhaltedose von keeeper

Like a chef – meal prep for the office

A fresh salad at the office is tasty. And even more so with separate dressing! Yesterday’s pumpkin soup will also taste really great in today’s lunchbreak. Sometimes even better: On the one hand because it could really steep overnight in the storage container and all the flavours have fully developed. And on the other because you can very easily take a few spoonfuls of home feeling with you to the workplace this way. The general rule for this: Disposable boxes were yesterday. Our tina & tino food containers have come to stay and bring sustainable joy and pleasure, like all our products!

Pimp your body & prep your meal – Meal prep for the gym

Meal prep is particularly popular in the fitness world, as athletes can plan exactly which nutrients they will consume in what quantities this way. Apart from which they can also save a lot of time, money and waste during the week because their shopping is based on their needs and unhealthy spontaneous purchases are minimized. Planned storage works sportively elegant with the air-tight food storage containers fredo “fresh” and freezer boxes mia “polar”.

Frischhaltedosen wie fredo fresh gibt es in 8 unterschiedlichen Größen
Perfekt für das Butterbrot oder Obst- und Gemüse-Schnitze ist die Clickbox luca

The ABC of the lunchbox – meal prep for school and kindergarten

Lovingly created packed lunches are a daily highlight for children. Instead of always banking on sandwiches, a tasty combination of various components is always a great idea, especially for schoolchildren. Fruit and veg should always be included, but small treats are also permitted here and there. And as the outside is just as important as the inside, vegetables can also be cut into funny shapes for a change, the sandwich served on a skewer, or even wrapped! The small artworks are placed in the luca clickbox for children.

Mexikanisches Meal Prep in 3 Frischhaltedosen tino
Auch Müsli- Zutaten lassen sich perfekt ins Büro mitnehmen.

Meal prep idea with leftover chilli: tortilla wraps

  • Leftover chilli con/sin carne
  • Other leftover ingredients (e.g. avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese)

Roll everything firmly in the wraps, cut through once, pack into the storage container of your choice, and your food is ready!

Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd

Do you already know our summery lemon curd? We recommend serving the lemon curd with the cheesecake. The refreshing, tart topping of the lemon curd turns the cake into a summer cake.

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