So long, winter – hello, spring!

At last. Spring is kicking in. The air’s getting warmer, the grass is greener, and clothes are more colourful. And on that note … Isn’t this a good opportunity to update your wardrobe? Out with the winter stuff, in with the summer gear!

Now bea can deal with your winter clothes. She’s a reliable and safe choice when it comes to keeping clothes while you enjoy the summer. Because bea isn’t a person, ‘she’s’ a storage box specifically for clothes. With its air control system, you can either store your packed things in an airtight way, or choose to let air circulate. It depends where you store them and what you’re storing. And as bea is transparent, you can always see where everything is, instantly giving you an overview. bea is also stackable and available in nine different sizes.

Here we go. Step 1: the clearout. What can go? Donations, flea markets, containers for old clothes or a gift for a friend. Now is the best time to part company with your winter gear.

Step 2: washing and cleaning. Anything that hasn’t already been freshly washed can now be given another quick wash.

Step 3: put them away. Now it’s time for storage. Make sure the clothes are 100% dry before handing them over to bea. If you’re going for the airtight option, it’s especially important to make sure that there’s absolutely no dampness, or you’ll get a nasty surprise in autumn. Depending on where you store your winter clothes, bea should be kept airtight in a basement, on the floor, preferably stored with air circulation enabled.

Step 4: freedom for your spring wardrobe! Now there’s space for your summer clothes. And time for shopping. Because the great thing about summer togs is, they take up much less space than thick winter sweaters. A couple more t-shirts won’t hurt!