Knitting and crocheting – how to store your wool correctly.


Knitting and crocheting are currently back in trend – in particular with young people. The Internet is full of stylish ideas for clothing, accessories and home decorations made of wool. The trendy crocheted pouf, the cuddly cover for your hot water bottle or the XXL knitted scarf – the creative possibilities of wool are almost unlimited. And perhaps you have already heard of Guerrilla knitting*: where entire trees are enveloped in knitted or crocheted pieces!

Great wool!

Those who love to knit or crochet will, over time, accrue lots of wool and wool remainders. Perhaps you have found a special offer you can’t refuse, and have purchased a couple of wool balls too many for a scarf, and – OK, it happens – here lies the rest of an unfinished work. All in all, that’s a lot of wool!
Perhaps our tips can help you out, as there are a few things which you should observe in order to keep your wool “fresh”.

Moths: wool’s worst enemy.

It might look wonderful when skeins and balls are already rolling out of the baskets or boxes in which they have been piled. In fact, though, you aren’t doing the wool (or yourselves) any favours with this method of storage. Moths and other pests adore wool – at the sight of it, they are happy to sharpen up their mandibles and tuck in to a festive feast. But wool should also always be stored in tight boxes for other reasons. In cold storage locations – the cellar, for example, or in the attic – wool can get damp if it is not packaged so that it is air-tight. The sunlight streaming through an attic window can bleach the colour out of the wool. And last but not least, wool absorbs odours very well.

Storing wool with the cornelia system.

The idea storage system for wool is cornelia. A stackable crystalbox made of transparent material, which, thanks to clip closures, stays absolutely tight and is available in various sizes. Depending on which storage system suits your requirements, you can create perfect structure and orderliness using cornelia, and can always retain an overview, or indeed a clear view, as the boxes are transparent.

And one last tip: If you want, you can place little sacks of lavender or similar into the boxes with the wool. These not only emit a beautiful scent, but are also guaranteed to keep moth & co. away!
keep on creating!