keep your car clean and organized – it’s simple

ordnung im auto – so einfach geht das

today it’s all about a practical companion in our daily lives – the folding box. surely, everyone has got at least one of these useful helpers at home. particularly in the car they are very helpful. why and how? we are about to show you – just keep on reading.

In your car you transport things from A to B every day. This can also create chaos, which should be avoided in the car, especially for safety reasons. It can be very annoying and dangerous when everything is flying around inside the car everytime you have to brake.

In our mission „order in the car“ our professional folding box ben is a good and strong companion. You can burden ben with all the ballast when everything is getting too much – and he will be happy to take your heavy load. By the way, ben holds up to 50 kilograms and with his soft handles he is very comfortable to carry without painful incisions.

ordnung im auto - so einfach geht das

If needed, ben can also relax and lean back. When he has nothing to do, you can fold him, saving space while he is waiting patiently for his next assignment.

ordnung im auto - so einfach geht das

Did you buy groceries and have no bag at hand? No problem, ben is free of softeners and therefore even direct contact with food is completely safe. In addition, it is tested and certified with a TÜV (Technical Inspection Association) quality seal.

ben is best used on a typical afternoon for mommies and daddies, when the chaos breaks out in the car, composed of riding-boots, sport bags and all kinds of clutter, so there is not enough space for your groceries anymore. There you can simply stack several bens on top of each other and arrange everything neatly. That way you ensure, that riding-boots, sport jerseys and dinner groceries do not get to know each other too well and everything has its right place.