keep it easy everyday: everyday tips for mums


kids turn our world upside down. We have to put our own wishes and needs on the back burner, because something or – to be more exact – someone else has now taken centre stage. as wonderful and colourful as everyday life as a mum might be, there is no doubt that it is sometimes quite strenuous, too. this is why we have put together a number of practical everyday tips (with and without keeeper) for all mums among you.

keep on swimming.

Taking a bath is not only part of your little one’s care programme; it can also become a lovely ritual. Depending, of course, on how much your little hero loves water. Ideally, we recommend using a bathtub like maria, because it can be quite arduous for you to hold the baby and be in a comfortable position yourself with a normal bathtub. With the universal dawid base for baby bathtubs, you can also stand very comfortably. Apart from this, the large tub also needs much more water. So, when you are ready and have filled the tub with water, it’s time to take a look at the temperature. Best case, your water temperature is approx. 37 degrees – babies really love this, because this is more or less the temperature of the amniotic fluid in mum’s tummy. To empty out the tub well again after the bath, maria comes with a plug at the base. Now nothing stands in the way of bathing fun anymore.

keep on exploring.

Kids are curious and want to explore their world. And it’s exactly the things that they cannot reach that are particularly interesting. However, many things that can be reached without a thought by adults appear absolutely unattainable for the little ones. All they want to do is wash their hands or look and see whether some sweets have been hidden somewhere that would else be too high up for them. Here a little step stool like igor helps. It hardly weighs a thing, allowing kids to take it everywhere they might want it. But sometimes, all you need is to be a little bit taller and take a look at the world from another perspective. To ensure that no accidents happen, igor comes with non-slip naps. New mission, starting today: discover the world!

keep on learning.

By the way, igor is also perfect for your kids when they want to go to the toilet, supporting their toilet training. Here ewa ensures that they do not “fall” into the toilet. You can “sell” the idea of the toilet seat as a little “throne”. This way, they enjoy using it. And plenty of praise, applause and enthusiasm also motivate the little ones to use the toilet with increased frequency. Important in this regard: don’t exert stress and put the kids under pressure! Little by little, your children will let you know when they are ready to turn their backs on their diapers. For instance, by demonstrating they don’t feel comfortable with wearing them any more, or are interested when you go to the toilet. You can find more tips for potty training here: potty training with keeeper

keep on snacking.

From the bathroom to the kitchen. Before heading off to playschool, the bread box still has to be filled so that the junior discoverers have enough energy to keeping them going throughout the day. Take a little bit of time and do it together with your child – ideally, to save time, the previous evening. Let your children decide what they would like to take along for breakfast in the play group or kindergarten – or at least give them the feeling that they were able to decide for themselves. You can achieve this by giving them a choice of the things you find suitable. Little tip: the more colourful the food, the better it tastes! Depending on the age of your little ones, let them spread their sandwiches themselves (of course, with your helping hand). Because, everything the kids prepare by themselves, tastes particularly good. And then everything is stored in olek.