keeeper gmbh is a BEST PLACE TO LEARN

keeeper GmbH is a top training company and, from now on, can proudly display the quality seal „BEST PLACE TO LEARN“ awarded by AUBI-plus GmbH.

Companies have been able to apply for the certificate since 2014. It provides them with an orientation framework as to what good training means today, and at the same time makes the strengths and weaknesses of the company training visible over the course of a 360° questionnaire. A detailed evaluation of this questionnaire provides information on fields of action which assist the company to continue increasing their training standards.

One particular strength at keeeper has been stated as the good working and learning climate, which is characterised by integrative, team-orientated working and learning, and mutual esteem and respect from day one. The aspects of vocational learning, such as the early assumption of responsibilities and a high degree of independent working, received by far the highest number of points. “I particularly like the different projects. keeeper offers many possibilities and impulses to work independently and to assume responsibility. I also find the fact that the respective trainer is always ready to listen highly positive, and that they are ready to reassure their trainees and to solve problems together in the most effective possible manner”, stated one trainee in the questionnaire.

The advantages inherent in training your own young employees has been sketched out by the CEO, Mike Carlos Wolf: „We are extremely proud to be one of the „Best Places To Learn“ in Germany. Against the background of the future lack of specialists, this is a sign of central importance to us, in order to continue obtaining and training qualified young employees in the future, too. At the same time, we obligate ourselves to consistently improve the quality of training at keeeper and to offer our trainees a high chance of being taken on after their training”.

“We are a company featuring strong technological development and highly-dynamic growth. New technologies require well-qualified specialists, such as for example process mechanics and tool mechanics, who play an essential role in the manufacturing process of our innovative products, but also industrial clerks who process the commercial operations, and logistics specialists, who ensure that the goods arrive punctually for the customer. For us, our trainees represent the „keeeper“ of tomorrow, as we train these well-qualified specialists for our own requirements – at the Best Place To Work“, says Beate Lippke.

Beate Lippke and Christian Blome offered their express thanks to all their trainees for their participation in the questionnaire as they received the training seal of quality. “In particular, we would like to extend cordial thanks to Ramona Lamping (industrial clerk trainee), who provided intensive support regarding the organisational implementation of the questionnaire”.

are you a keeeper? We are looking forward to your application!

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