Is this plastic or can I chuck it out?

Why plastic is the ideal choice, especially in childcare.

Hygienic, more sustainable than one would think, and of an attractive and cheerful design:

Plastic is a great material for everything to do with childcare. Plastic potties, baby bathtubs and toilet seats can offer many advantages, but it is indisputable that they are particularly safe and functional.

Especially with very young children, you want to play it safe with your purchase

Baby care and childcare products are rarely bought spontaneously without thinking.

Their firmness, elasticity, breaking strength and many other flexibility aspects are reasons enough for using BPA-free plastics for child articles. But a child-appropriate design and friendly decor are just as important for supporting a positive hygiene experience.

With the hygienic and light-weight articles such as potties, toilet seats and baby bathtubs, baby and infant care could hardly be handled more beautifully. The keeeper product designs are rounded of child-friendly – with no risk for even the very youngest. Their cheerful colours and loving decors ensure additional comfort for the youngsters.

With keeeper you can pick and choose without worry

keeeper has already thought about all the essential issues beforehand, so you can just exclusively focus on “the art”:  Which decor would you prefer?

The low weight of the adam baby potty and ewa toilet seat encourages independent and easy handling. Their cleaning under running water couldn’t be easier.

Matching step stools like igor & tomek with anti-slip function and wrapped edges can be easily and safely transported and set up by children. This encourages their development towards independence and a positive experience of the environment

The keeeper nappy bin karol and paulina storage boxes round off the range in the children’s room.

keeepies tip:

Not all plastics are the same. To tell quality from cheap, you should use your senses. High quality and well-processed plastic is cast in one piece, has no sharp corners or welds that could break. It appears highly stable in general. Same as all keeeper products. So if you want to be on the safe side, you better go for a keeeper.  

What does a baby and toddler need in the bathroom?

What does a baby and toddler need in the bathroom?

After the long winter, spring cleaning is not only an old custom, but also brings structure back into your household. Cupboards, floors and windows need a good clean. Spring cleaning is not only about cleaning, but also about tidying up and sorting out. Winter bed linen, winter clothes, etc. can be put away in boxes again.

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