Is it cold outside? Make it really comfortable for yourself inside!


Winter time. Outside it is cold, wet, dark – simply unpleasant. We just want to withdraw as much as possible into our own four walls – best of all with a cuddly blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a good book. And yet we perceive our rooms to be only half as comfortable if the place looks as though the Christmas elf has already trashed it.

Let’s be honest – everyone sometimes has an untidy home. In particular during the Advent period, there’s a lot of stuff lying around such as handicraft supplies, gift wrap, decoration materials etc. What is usually perhaps stored in a cupboard or cardboard box in the cellar or attic is now spread across your living room – and this is frequently the case for weeks, as which of us has the time to prepare everything at once, let alone to tidy everything up again each time? So it’s lucky that we have bea.

Perfectly stored; perfectly stacked; a clear overview at all times.

bea is the box which orders the chaos, with its perfect storage capacity and stacking function. In this way, you can save a lot of space and can even leave the boxes standing in the living room without the place looking a mess. Because bea is transparent, you really don’t have to look for a long time when you need something. And if at some point you no longer require the contents, simply store bea back in a location where it isn’t visible on a daily basis.

Close bea air-tight or leave it breathable.

Another hidden talent is bea’s unique air control system. By rotating the lid, you can decide whether the box should be closed air-tight or left breathable – depending on what you want to put in it and where it should be stored. We always recommend the air-tight version if you want to store your boxes permanently in the cellar or the attic, so that the contents cannot absorb odours or humidity or collect dust from the environment.

Everything stored away safely? Then put your feet up and make yourself at home.

keep it comfortable!