I’m baking myself a husband

Fresh baking stays crisp as long as possible in hermetically-sealed tins.

What’s better than home-made biscuits? Whether it’s classic shortbread biscuits, nutritious spelt/wholemeal cookies, or delicious coconut macaroons, biscuits aren’t just a hit at Christmas. The joy begins with the baking. As soon as the wonderful aroma spreads throughout the house you know that the hard work has been worth it. For some the enjoyment begins with snacking on the dough, others can hardly wait to take the first biscuits out of the oven and try them while they’re still warm.

Because baking requires a lot of effort, people often bake in advance. And then it needs to be stored properly, because there’s nothing worse than baking that’s soft and soggy. So: Step away from the tin foil, airtight bags & co. Store your crisp baking in hermetically sealed tins. Ideally, you should use different tins for different types of baking, so that the smells don’t mix together. Several layers should be separated in the tin with baking or parchment paper. That way, the biscuits don’t fall apart so quickly and don’t stick together.

Crispier biscuits can simply be stored at room temperature – likewise for biscuits with a chocolate glaze. Baking items with a high butter and/or fat content are best kept in the keep fresh tin in the fridge.

All that remains is for us to let you enjoy your baking!