How to make Slime ? Making Slime yourself with our slime recipes

Remember how Slime feels? Cool, slimy, kind of good feeling? Slime has a calming effect, it’s just a great tactile experience. But that’s only one reason why Slime is currently celebrating a great revival. Slime is in – and not only with children.

It´s easy do make slime by yourself


Whether old or young, almost everyone has had a good time with the cool slime for a while. The indescribable experiences with the smooshing and slippery material should be get to known by every child. It will be even more exciting if you make your own slime together with your kids.

The slime is produced quite quickly. You may already have the ingredients at home – the main ingredients are glue and detergent.
We have put together the basic Slime recipe and four individual recipes for different kind of Slime. That will turn your Slime into a magical glitter pudding or a colourful unicorn slime. We have also prepared an alternative slime recipe without glue.
It is an exciting experience for the children to be allowed to accompany the play slime. It is exciting and educational to experiment with different ingredients and find the perfect consistency. What happens when I add shaving foam/cream? Or a little more glue or less detergent?

Is Slime harmful to health?

Detergent, glue, contact lens solution… are the ingredients dangerous for my child? Of course, water-soluble glue and detergent are generally not without danger, but if the children wash their hands after playing, you can usually be sure. Disposable gloves are recommended for sensitive skin.
At the end of this article you will find a slime recipe that does not require glue or detergent. Here you can get by with shampoo and cornstarch.

Make Slime yourself

From the basic recipe, all special kinds of Slime can later be produced. When mixing the ingredients it is important to work by feeling the consistency. Depending on the starting product and the desired consistency, it sometimes needs slightly different proportions.

Ingredients for the perfect basic Slime

Child plays with slime

slime is a good stuff for being creative.

• Liquid craft glue (water-soluble and solvent-free, must contain PVA)
• Liquid detergent
• Food colouring
• possibly some contact lens fluid
• possibly some water
• for very sensitive skin, disposable gloves should be worn during production

1. first fill the craft glue into a “carlotta” mixing bowl. If you want to use transparent slime, you should use transparent glue. White glue is suitable for a covered slime. For a hand-sized portion of slime, a normal tube of glue (approx. 125ml) is sufficient. Some people add a little warm water to the glue to make it more liquid.

2. now add the detergent. Start with about 2 ml, the best way is to use the small measuring cup “massimo”. The right ratio depends on the detergent and your preferences.

As a rule, the more detergent, the less viscous and the softer the Slime. If you use a coloured detergent, the Slime will already have a colour. Otherwise, you can add food colouring.

Filling glue in the mixing bowl

First fill the craft glue into a “carlotta” mixing bowl.

3. stir with a tablespoon until the mixture forms a lump. Then knead it with your hands until it has the right texture. The slime is ready when it no longer sticks. If the slime does not bind and stick properly, add a little detergent or contact lens fluid.

Knead the slime-dough by hand until it has the right consistency.

Knead the slime-dough by hand until it has the right consistency.

Tip: If you want to store the slime, you should put it in an airtight container, such as a “fredo fresh” food storage box.

Slime-Deluxe or with Glow-Effect, which slime would you like to produce?

With glitter and other admixtures such as small beads you can create beautiful effects. With glow-in-the-dark colour your slime will glow in the dark, with food colouring you can colour the mass in different colours and then twist it together as a rainbow slime.
Do you want the slime to be particularly fluffy, use half a can of shaving foam/cream and 1-2 ml contact lens solution instead of detergent.

Shampoo- Slime recipe: Shampoo and cornstarch

For the alternative slime recipe you need shampoo and cornstarch

Ingredients for the alternative shampoo slime
• shampoo
• starch or maize starch
• food colouring
• a bowl
• spoons to stir

Here’s how it’s done::
1. First, put 120 ml of shampoo in a bowl. The amount is important, because the ratio to the cornstarch must be correct. The thicker the shampoo, the better the mucus. For measuring it offers “massimo“, the measuring cup.
2. now add approx. 280 g of cornstarch and mix well with a spoon. The homemade shampoo gruel is now quite thick.
3. add a tablespoon of water and mix the mixture well. You can now vary the firmness of the Slime with a little more water as you like.
4. Knead the slime-dough by hand until it has completely absorbed all the water and starch. You can tell by the consistency in your hand when the homemade Slime is ready.

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