how to pimp your washing machine, or: the end of boring laundry

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we recently showed you how you can keep your wardrobe tidy. if you guys are also neat freaks like us, then dirty laundry in the wardrobe is an absolute no-go for you. that’s why we prepared a creative and colourful lifehack on the topic of “washing laundry” for you. stay tuned and #enjoyliving.

keep it clean.

Ideally, to start with, sort your dirty laundry into differently-coloured laundry baskets – this already prevents the annoying pre-laundry sorting. Our laundry basket lasse, for instance, is available in three different colours: taupe for dark laundry, cream for light-coloured laundry and all coloured pieces can go to the green laundry basket. This way, you always have a clear overview which colour or type has collected enough laundry to justify starting the washing machine.

Wäsche waschen mit Spaß

keep it pimped.

Generally speaking, a washing machine is none of the beauty highlights of your home. But we wouldn‘t be keeeper if we didn’t have a “tidy-up” lifehack. After all, we stand for tidiness being fun. And a pretty washing machine greatly increases the fun when doing laundry. So we gladly welcome you to our “pimp my washing machine” show.

And you’ll be needing one of these DIY gadgets:

  • Cling film gives the washing machine a completely new outfit.
  • Masking tape is a special eye-catcher and Accent provider.
  • Wall tattoos with prefabricated designs make things a little bit simpler for you.

And this is how it works:

  • Clear the fronts: no matter which “pimp my washing machine” style you choose – before getting started, it is very important to wipe off the fronts with a moist cloth. Because, everything sticks so much better on a dust-free surface.

Waschmaschine abwischen

  • Let the (gluing) games begin: for the creative beginners among you, we recommend starting with masking tape – this way, if something goes wrong during sticking it is very simple to rectify the mistake. For a stylish stripy look, you start by measuring the right length of the surface that is to be stuck. To ensure that the stripy look is also aligned straight and parallel, you should – where needed – use a water level. Little tip, if you decide to use an all in all design, we need to warn you up front: the opening in the drum area requires some patience and intuition – but we’re sure you’ll manage it!

Waschmaschine verschönern mit Masking Tape

  • This is how quick it is: And your washing machine has been pimped <3 We wish you lots of fun with experimenting and are looking forward to receiving your works of art on our Facebook page or our Instagram account @keeeperofficial. For this, feel free to use #keeeper.

Waschmaschine bunt und schön

P.S.: Of course, it also works just as well with the tumble dryer.