how to make the daily clean-up fun


Cleaning-up for most children is not a big pleasure. The little ones do not want to waste their precious playtime – especially not for this kind of activity. We have some clean-up ideas on how to get them in on the act. Stay tuned.

cleaning-up playfully

Motivation and fun are the key factors – even or especially while cleaning-up! Your children should not associate negative feelings with it. So our tip is: Try to combine the activity of cleaning-up with positive memories and feelings. Try to make a game out of it which you can play together – it works wonderfully.

the last game of the day is the clean-up game


Shortly before going to bed it can be quite stressful. Most of the time the little ones do not want to go sleep, but rather continue playing and having fun. Making „cleaning-up” the last game of the day you can not only create a great evening ritual but also spend quality time together which only belongs to you and your kids.

How it works: Everyone gets to choose his favourite colour or his favourite filip deco box. At the same time, everyone starts collecting toys in their chosen colour and putting them into their box. Who finished collecting all his toys first is the winner and can choose a good night story – this game also works very well with several children.

mit spiel und spaß aufräumen

Another variation of this game: Instead by colour, the toys can also be arranged by “type”. Simply stick a matching picture on the filip box, for example a car, lego bricks or a photo of a Barbie. This way the children can directly determine which toys belong in which box.

mit spiel und spaß aufräumen

In the end, the filip boxes can simply be stacked on top of each other or put into a shelf and the children’s room is nice and tidy and ready for the (good) night. Pretty smart, isn’t it?