home office: turn your home into your office instead of making the office your home

When working from home, good organisation is essential and you should definitely observe several important points when setting up a home office.

home office einrichten


working from home – for many employees that sounds like a dream come true. the long commute to the office is passé and nobody complains when we sit at the desk in our tracksuits. working in your own home can pose risks. here are some tips from us on how you can avoid them.

For optimal productivity, the right setup of your workspace is a very important prerequisite when working from home. In other words: the usual domestic distractions, together with the typical office clutter, can easily have a negative impact on concentration and effectiveness. You should set up a dedicated place for all things you need in the home office. When finished, be sure to put any utensils used back to their assigned spot. When you keep your home office tidy, your concentration and productivity will improve.

1. are you still in your living room when already working?

Whenever possible, do not work on the couch or at the kitchen table. If you working from home regularly, you should definitely establish a clear separation between living and workspace. In this way, private and professional matters can be more clearly separated, you are not distracted while working and after work you are not distressed by unfinished business that catches your eye. For this purpose, you don’t necessarily have to dedicate an extra room for your workspace. Even if space is limited, you can create a designated area for work. For example, you can separate the workspace by using a screen or room divider.

2. it’s all a matter of space

There are three aspects to consider when it comes to the question of available space: finding available space, using available space and making space available. First of all, finding the right location for your workspace is important. Furthermore, it’s worth investing in a comfortable, back-friendly desk chair and a desk with the right height, After all, you will have to sit on it and at it for many hours every day. Finally, it’s about making available enough storage space so that pens/pencils, lever arch files, as well as stacks of paper and the like can be easily stowed away. It’s best to choose a calm area with some fresh air where the light neither obscures the monitor nor blinds you.

3. the right light is essential in any home office.

Good light conditions in the home office increase productivity. When sitting in dim light, you are sure to become tired and lose focus quickly. A place with daylight and fresh air would be ideal. Alternatively, you can opt for indirect illumination with white or slightly blueish light, as this is supposed to be stimulating and revitalising.

4. racks offer the best storage space

In almost any office, storage space is limited. In most cases, this is also true for the home office. The paper-free office will surely become a reality someday. Until then, countless stacks of paper and lever arch files will accumulate. For this reason, we recommend setting up a wall with racks in the home office. Arrange the files you don’t use very often by putting them on top, or at the bottom of the racks.

in den Aufbewahrungsboxen lassen sich Aktenordner gut verstauen

Lever arch files should normally be in the rack, unless they are for the archive, then they can be stowed away in closed „konrad“ transport boxes. (iStock.com/archideaphoto)

5. make space and archive important documents

Over the years, you will collect various documents, you choose to keep, or must not throw away. This is where the practical translucent „konrad“ crystal boxes can come in handy. The files are protected against dust and securely stowed and can be stored and kept dry in the closet, cellar or in the attic.

6. being orderly is half the battle – a storage system for your documents

Ablagekörbe und Stapelkörbchen schaffen Ordnung auf dem Schreibtisch

If you tidy up your desk regularly, it will be easier to stay on top of things. (trays „mirko“and „jonas“).

Often, you work with many papers, documents or books. Often, they are on your desk, as they should always be within easy reach. Many tasks are to be completed and everything should be quickly to reach. Therefore, the most essential items should be in the direct vicinity. For this reason, we recommend setting up a storage system with boxes and trays for stacking. You will need wide shelves and a sufficient number of magazine files and storage boxes that you should label accordingly.

With trays and Lifestyle-boxes (here „lotta“), it’s easy to keep your desk tidy.

Aspire to keep your workspace tidy. Use pin boards or notice boards to fight the clutter of notes, declutter regularly. This way, you will stay on top of things and work more effectively, as you waste less time rummaging for things. This order should also be reflected in your workflow. Especially when working from home, employees should stick to a clear structure to maintain the working atmosphere.

7. organise your tasks with to-do lists

Set clear goals for the day. “What do you need to be done today?”
Here’s another tip: while you are at it, note down the tasks you’ve already finished and how much time you spent on each item. Keeping such a log not only gives you an extra boost of motivation, but is also helpful when having a conversation with your boss, as it shows that you are using the time in the home office effectively.

8. tidy up every day

Everyone loves letting work be work, especially when working from home. We are often too demotivated to tidy up the desk on top of everything and prefer to engage in more enjoyable activities. The next day, we enter the untidy office and are supposed to start the day with the pesky task of tidying up. The first few hours of the day are very important in terms of productivity and losing valuable time is absolutely not worth it. Tidying up the home office daily should become a routine task. It won’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes after your working day.

9. inspiring decoration brings more joy to the workplace

Walls don’t have to be empty, at the same time, you shouldn’t overload them. Create a creative and personal atmosphere with beautiful pictures or inspiring works of art. You can hang unique decorative items or pictures on the wall to spice up the overall ambience, putting plants in the office can also lighten the mood. It helps you feel comfortable in the home office which in turn boosts productivity.

An Drahtbügeln werden Kataloge und Zeitschriften aufgehängt6.

A few decorative items on the walls create a better atmosphere. Here: Wire hanger with catalogues and magazines.

Many of us have their favourite magazines or books, which we often keep in the home office. If there is still some space on the wall, you can attach cloth hangers made of wire and hang up your favourite magazines there. Or create a pin board with phrases and pictures that inspire you. It’s important to create a cosy atmosphere.

10. clothes make people

It may be very tempting to directly scuffle to the PC in your pyjamas or tracksuit, but please dress properly! A professional outfit helps getting into the right mindset for work. It also shows other people in the household: “I am working and do wish not to be disturbed.”

11. don’t forget to take a break

Lunch dates also have the positive side effect of bringing some distancebetween you and the workplace. After all, many who work from home complain that they can’t really unwind during the break. Just quickly replying to an email or noting down some spontaneous idea while wolfing down your lunch sandwich? These all but relaxing lunch breaks are over if you decide to leave the house. Generally, your working hours should be clearly structured. Where possible, always try to start your home office day around the same time, observe your breaks and don’t look at your work-related documents once your working day is done – don’t even glimpse at them!
Yes, working from home has many advantages but it can also cause you to feel lonely. For that reason, be sure to regularly communicate and engage with your colleagues.

Keep on working smarter!

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