Why not take your holiday at home?

You may think that holiday away from home is the only way to really switch off and relax. However, traveling has become difficult at the moment because of the pandemic, why not take a relaxing vacation at home?

holiday at home

If you spend your holidays at home, you don’t have to prepare for them, often there are so many things to do before you start your journey that you are exposed to unnecessary stress. Especially those who travel with a child often have stress – before the holiday and after the holiday. We show you how you can experience an unforgettable, beautiful and relaxing time at home.

No suitcase packing – no organisational stress

Is everything packed, have we forgotten anything, does the neighbour have the key, has the house been cleaned? Do we all have travel vaccinations and where is the first-aid kit anyway?
Before we start to relax, we often have to deal with stress. And after the trip, when the holiday season is over and the daily routine starts again, you are busy with a bunch of laundry, mail, e-mails and other left-over activities. Recovery is then quickly a thing of the past.

4 obvious reasons for a holiday at home:

1. you save yourself stress in advance
2. the journey is omitted
3. you have everything you need there
4. you sleep better at home

In times of a corona pandemic, hygiene and distance rules are of great importance, but climatic changes or time shifts also affect the body.
In addition to the preparations in advance, travel for some people also means stress for the body – even if you don’t notice it at all. The reasons are often the unfamiliar climate, long journeys and foreign food. For the body, the change of environment is a change. Of course, it always depends on the individual destination. But one thing is certain: if you stay at home, you certainly don’t have these strains.



The magic formula for a relaxed holiday is called “conscious deceleration”. Now you have the time to do everything more slowly and consciously. Loll around in bed, enjoy the cosy warmth, get up relaxed and take your time for the morning shower. Breakfast in bed? Or would you prefer fresh rolls in the kitchen or on the balcony? Enjoy the free time with your loved ones, get out of the house and feel the sun or rain on your skin. Take your time shopping, linger with the things that interest you, cook in peace and quiet, without hurry. Clean up the kitchen while listening to music. A little bit of order in the apartment is necessary, but it’s your holiday and there should be no unnecessary housework.

Take your time. Enjoy your free time. This is what the term mindfulness is all about: Live in the moment.

More sustainability through less travel by car and plane.

If you pick up your portion of sunshine in your own garden or the nearby lake, you will not only save money, but also do something good for the climate! Because even if you alone cannot stop climate change, you can at least contribute through your holiday behaviour to the fact that less climate-damaging gases are emitted into the world by cheap flights or long car journeys.

relaxing in the garden
A holiday in your own garden can be very relaxing (iStock.com/gruizza)


Especially if you stay at home, you should do what you would do on holiday: Treat yourself. Go out to eat or cook something more elaborate with more expensive ingredients. Enjoy the things that are otherwise too expensive for you in everyday life. Buy a great book or listen to your favourite music. Go to the cinema or visit an exhibition. Order a cake with cream and mix a cocktail. 😊 Take a midday nap, put up a paddling pool in the garden or balcony for your family to freshen up, or hang up a hammock. Read a book for hours or just lie there with your eyes closed and listen to an audio book. Relaxation can be so beautiful at home!

More time for the family

You’re worried the ceiling is gonna come down on you and your kids? No problem, here are a few activities that are fun for everyone and that can be spontaneously done indoors or outdoors.
Joint excursions, cooking with the whole family or an extensive breakfast on the terrace – if you spend your holidays at home, you will have more time for those you love. Maybe you put up a tent in the garden and spend the night there?

Discover new things in the surroundings

For many people, a holiday means breaking out of everyday life. You can also do that at home. The important thing is not to let everyday life come to a standstill. Often we have neither the time nor the energy to explore our immediate surroundings and to explore new bicycle and walking paths. You will certainly find excursion destinations, restaurants or nice cafés that you do not know yet. But discovering something new can also mean trying out a new recipe, trying out a different sport or meeting and getting to know old friends you have almost forgotten.

Culinary journey against wanderlust

Just because you stay at home doesn’t mean that you have to eat the typical home cooking on your plate! Why not take a culinary journey together – without having to leave the house or the terrace?

Our culinary recommendations:
  • Paella – Viva Espana!
  • Delicious Pizza – Ciao Italia!
  • Make your own Hamburger
  • Planning a picnic
  • Invite friends to a culinary summer party.
Picnic or garden party
A summer party with friends is fun for young and old. Juice jug “sara” and salad bowl “sandra” with lid are perfect for leisure activities. (iStock.com/Halfpoint)

Enjoy your own garden to the full

You have invested a lot of time and work in your garden? Then it would be sad if, when it is in full bloom, you don’t have much of it at all. Many fruits and vegetables also ripen in spring and summer, it would be too bad if you had to give up the fruits of your work.


Garden work with children
Common gardening can be a lot of fun. Smaller garden tools and materials can be stored in “emil” storage boxes made of recycled plastic.

Family tip: Connect joint garden projects!!

  • Create your own bed with your children – what is planted is up to the children to decide! If the children are already older, you can also arrange for them to take care of this bed on their own – watering, weeding and harvesting included!
  • The garden house is packed with garden tools and toys? Why don’t you clear out your stuff together and sort everything into stackable storage boxes (emil/eco line)
  • Build a tree house together with the kids or put up a swing

Take your time for the special moments, no matter where you are!

Keep on relaxing!