finally a well-organised wardrobe


your wardrobe is choc-a-bloc full but you still have nothing to wear. we are sure a number of readers know this feeling only too well. a well-organised wardrobe is simply a pleasure – both for the eye and for the soul. and this is why we have prepared a number of useful organisation hacks for your wardrobe.

We start with the assumption you are spoilt for choice. Ideally, in a first step, sort your clothes into three heaps: “Definitely want to keep” – “Still unsure” – “Definitely don’t want to keep”.

keep it colourful.

With clothes you definitely want to keep, you can start with the clearing in – systematically, of course. Here, for instance, you can sort the clothing into office, leisure and sport clothing, and you immediately have the matching outfit at your fingertips for the corresponding occasion. And if you are real keeeper, you’ll also sort your clothes according to colour.

kee Kleiderschrank Beitragsbild 1_2

keep it fresh.

Your shoes can be stored really well in our clearbox bea. Here, you can immediately see which favourite pair of shoes is stored in which box – and the cherry on top: possible dirt or unpleasant smell also stay in the boxes instead of spreading throughout the whole wardrobe.
kee Kleiderschrank Beitragsbild 2

keep it organised.

Belts and cloths hanging from the clothes rail or coat hangers are annoying, aren’t they? Sometimes they fall down, sometimes they get caught and cause even more untidiness. Our bea puts an end to this and here, too, organises things and gives you a clear overview. Of course you can also roll up your cloths in line with the Marie Kondo tidying method and sort them upright into our beas. Combined with the “standing” one, you are sure to pull out the right cloth from our bea.

kee Kleiderschrank Beitragsbild 3

keep it handy.

Let’s be honest: we all have our odds and ends that end up in the dark back corners most of the time. Our stylish lotta keeps single pieces like socks and co. under control and your wardrobe will also continue to shine in beautiful order.

kee Kleiderschrank Beitragsbild 4

keep on rolling.

Is your bedding still stored in your wardrobe and no longer fits in the tidy overall picture after your tidying up campaign? Remove it and place it in our roller box paul. It’s perfect for rolling under your bed – and you then simply have more space in your wardrobe for the essential things.

kee Kleiderschrank Beitragsbild 5

keep it pretty.

We have another inspiration for your jewellery: you simply pick up our jonas stacking basket. This way, all your jewellery items look pretty and are stored safely. And what’s most important: you can take your time and pick your outfit – it’s a match

kee Kleiderschrank Beitragsbild 6

Finally one question remains: What to do with the old clothing? Maybe your friends will be happy to receive some cool vintage pieces or you can donate the clothing for a good purpose. This way, you haven’t only done a good deed for yourselves but also for others. #keepitsocial

One thing is clear, though: with just little tips and tricks, every wardrobe can be tidied up in next to no time, and everyone can do this!